Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Fleaology at Olson's Garden Shoppe Sept 3rd

Our next flea.o.logy is to be September 3rd!  
This picture shows our May Fleaology at the Fleaology house!  Sadly it was to be the last Fleaology to be held at the house. 
Though as junkers we have adored this shady, though sometimes wet, setting for 11 years, now the city of Payson has decided that it is not a yard sale, but a business,  and as such cannot be held in an area zoned residential.   
Alas be not disheartened...
The last four years we have held sales in January at Olson's Garden Shoppe here in Payson . And the good people at Olson's have lead to our salvation. 

We will now hold two sales a year at Olson's, one on the third Saturday in January and one held the Saturday before Labor Day. Which is usually the first Saturday in September!  

Thanks to all of you who have expressed sorrow at the last of the shaded yard sales but welcome to our always beautiful sales at Olson's at 1190 W 400 N in Payson. 

Hope to see you all then. 


Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Fleaology Shopper Shirley Shares!

So, do you ever wonder what people do with the goodies they buy at fleaology?  Well I do, that's why I thought it was so fun to see Shirley Hatfield's blog post about small tins she got at our last fleaology of the year.  If you'd like to view it at her blog site, click here   You might want to follow her blog, she has lots of fun and colorful ideas!

Holiday Preview...Christmas Characters From Vintage Tins!

Recent Tins.
Found at Flea-ology...a local Vintage Fleamarket.

I recently posted the picture of some tins I found at Flea-ology, which is held at my good friend Paula's home in Payson, Utah.  Paula blogs at Pollyanna Reinvents and is my favorite vendor at Treasures Antiques in Springville.  The moment I saw these, I knew they would become new additions to my collection of holiday characters made from vintage tins.  I have just finished a couple of these characters and can't wait to share them with you.

Jack Frost...
Jack Frost...a snowman from a vintage Postum tin.
Jack is about 8" tall on a 6" oval base.

Vintage Postum Tin.
I forgot to get a picture of the tin I found.

A Bit of Postum History...

I have fond memories of Postum.  My grandparents drank it all the time and I enjoyed sipping it from a tea cup and pretending it was coffee.  Members of the Mormon faith abstain from coffee, so it was very popular in the Mountain West.  It is made from roasted wheat bran, wheat, and molasses.  Although the Postum Cereal Company stated in its ads that it didn't taste like coffee, the drink was enormously popular during World War II, when coffee was rationed.

There is a similar product in Germany, called Caro...also known in the US as Pero.  My German friend, Monika...who is also a Mormon...used to invite me over for "Coffee" every Wednesday.  She brought out her nicest tea set and baked a traditional German dessert.  I must have downed gallons of Caro during my three years overseas.  I still miss it...especially the "instant crystals."

Kraft discontinued production of Postum in 2007.  Eliza's Quest Food, licensed the trademark in 2012 and sold it online.  Since 2013, it has been available in a limited number of stores...primarily in Utah and other Mountain States.

Side View.
Jack's head is paper clay...his arms are measuring spoons.

Back View.

I thought it would be fun to put Jack in a snowy scene.

Dri-Shu Santa...
Cute Santa made from a Dri-Shu tin.
Dri-Shu protects Santa's boots from Snow and Sleet.

Santa is about 6" tall.
His head is a vintage Santa ornament.
I used wooden half-eggs for his boots and trimmed them with chenille.

Tin for a tummy...no bowl full of jelly!
His hands are some kind of electrical doo-hickeys.
I bought a big bag of them for $1 at a vintage yard sale.

Side and Back View.

Santa's Winter Scene.

Give Thanks...

Thanksgiving scene with old spice tin.
I have a bunch of turkey and pilgrim candles.

I haven't made a lot of Thanksgiving crafts...my house is decorated for Christmas before Thanksgiving so my Idaho Falls grand kids can see my Christmas decorations when they come for dinner. I do decorate the tables for Thanksgiving.

I am thankful for so many things...I need to express those thanks more fully.
I am so thankful for this blog and those who read it.
Thank you!

Fleaology Dealers Open Retro Store in Sugarhouse

Jacqueline and Logan, who are vendors at Fleaology,  opened a retro store a couple of weeks ago. 
They are long time mid century enthusiasts and wanted to share! 
This is their store front on 7th east, just south of 21st in Sugarhouse!  Afterlife Vintage! 
The day they held their grand opening soirĂ©e I spent the day junking in Southern Utah and when I ran across this MCM lamp I knew I had the perfect 'Shop Warming' gift.  Here Hubs holds the lamp as we run into Steve and Joni, also Fleaology dealers and friends!  They were set up making jewelry from silverware!  In fact their business name is Silverwear! Clever people!! 

Here are a few shots in the store. 
Great stuff and .... 

Fun displays! 
Here I'm shown with Jacqueline and the lamp!! 
Of course I found a few goodies to take home, including this cute pair of squirrels!! 

If you're local, be sure to check out their vintage goodies!!  You'll love J and L two of the very nicest people I know!  

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Fleaology Dealers Extraordinaire!

Just for fun I decided to take pictures of our dealers, just so we can look

 back on them later.  Unfortunately I managed to miss several of them,

 but here are those I caught this time 

This is Lizzy, she started doing flea.o.logy the beginning of last
 season!  She has also moved into Treasures Antiques where I work. 
Mark and Vicki have been doing the flea for at least four years!  
Keith works with me at the mall and has done Fleaology with us
 several times!  
Garna's a veteran dealer too, who also keeps a booth at Treasures. 
Rosemarie is probably my longest continuous dealer.  She been
 doing the flea for 9 of its 10 years!!  Her son Cole joined her
 several years back.  They are both Treasures dealers. 
Darrel is a long time antique dealer, who did some time at 
Treasures and who lives in my little town. He's done my sale
 for about 7 years. 
Jennie also lives here in Payson. She did Fleaology several
 years ago, then had a bout with cancer. We're so glad she's 
well and back with us again! 
These gals are both Treasures shoppers. Kelli, on the right, 
actually did a Fleaology 3 years ago, so it was 
good to have her back again. 
Mark and Denise had their own store when they joined us three
 years back. They have the distinction of never having missed 
a sale since they joined on.  They have now joined forces with 
Carla and Sherry of the Co-op chicks, who were part of the sale 
too, but of whom I didn't get pictures. 
Dianna and Orson have been with us for several years as well, though
 health has prevented their coming a few times. They always have great goodies! 
Wendy is a former Treasures and Fleaology dealer. She's now selling 
off her personal collections and it's been fun to have her back, if only
Jami is new this year. She's a mover and shaker and has
 sold mostly on line in the past. She renews vintage pieces
 with chalk paint. She's also the leader of the ROCC group
 I belong to!!   Be sure to check out the ROCC Fall Extravaganza
at Thanksgiving Point on October 17th!  I'll be there selling.
This is Brandy and this was her first show ever. Her Mom is well
 known in vintage groups, but she wanted to give it a shot.   The 
funny thing is that ...
Linsey, shown on the right, and Brandy went to school together,
 and I just happened to put them across from each other!  Lindsey
 was joining us for the second time. 
This is Kimberly and her support team.  She makes journals by ring binding 
old picture books and adding blank paper. This was her second sale. 
This is Chuck, another Treasures dealer who joins us now and again!
  He does big buying trips and always has wonderful unique goodies. 
Johnathan is new to Treasures, and this was his first sale with us! 
 He shows a real talent for the business 
This is Logan, he and his wife Jacqualine     (shown later)
 have done other shows with me for a few years, but he
 came to our last show last year and has been a great 
addition ever since.   They are opening their own retro
 shop in Sugarhouse this month. It will be call Afterlife
 Vintage, so if your local keep an eye out!! 
This is Clam, a very serious and seriously talented artesian. This has 
been his first year joining us, and he and Margo have been an awesome 
Jenn has been a part of Fleaology for more than 5 years, but this is the first
 year she has brought her trailer!! She is the owner of the 3 Dotters Vintage
 sale in Pleasant Grove.  Be sure to save the date for her next show.
Its November 7th come and join us.
Nikki is another Treasures dealer, she's done Fleaology off and on 
for years!  We love it when we can get her! 
This is Felecia with her supportive husband. This was their first 
show joining us, we hope they had fun! 
Trish is the one in the leopard print. She is actually the person who started 
me in the business of selling antiques. She was with me at the estate sale
 where I found my long dreamed of historic house. 

She's been out of the business for a few years, but has joined us at the
 flea for the last two.  Somehow it just at feels right! 
This is Jenn again, with Jacqualine, who is also a trailer owner, and
 who started with us last year, you just met her husband Logan. 
This is a few of our former dealers who come back to join us as shoppers.
 In all we have almost 60 former dealers who have at one time done our 
show. Thankfully the friendships remain, and once in a while they come
 back for a single sale, like Wendy did this time. 
Thanks for stopping by and checking out our awesome dealers!! 

Just so you know, besides Carla and Sherry, I also missed, Pat,
 Nell, Melvina, John, Allison, Liz  and Mike.