Thursday, July 30, 2015

Instagramming Fleaology!

Hello Fleaology friends!!  I'm getting myself ready to sell at 3 Dotters this weekend at the old Rec Center in PG!  

Be sure to stop by and say hello if you find yourself treasure hunting there Saturday! 

Just thought I'd take a minute and share some fun photos of our July Fleaology that I found hash tagged on Instagram!  
You can follow me there at flea.o.logy.   
And be sure to hashtag your Fleaology pictures (when you come on September 5th) so we can all share the fun!! 
We had such awesome vendors! 
Great goodies for all,  these wire baskets were from Jenn of 3 Dotters 
We have the most awesome customers too!!  Always love the Junkers in training!! 
We welcomed a new dealer this time, the  Vintage Goose! 
Denise of Two Old Crows had this amazing croquet set 

Yep there was lots of yummy goodness for all!! 
I especially love our July sale because it coincides with Payson's Scottish festival  and forget men in tights, we get men in skirts!! 

So if I don't see you Saturday at 3 Dotters, be sure to meet me at the Fleaology house at 8 on September 5th!!