Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fleaology Give-Away

We are so excited for our final Fleaology sale this season! We want you to get excited too! We are having our first giveaway.

Are you a FLEA Queen? If so, this crown is the perfect accessory for you!!!

As you know I love crowns, I love making them and I think this FLEA crown is just to fun.

We want one of our lucky FLEAOLOGists to win it.

This is what you need to do:

1) Become a follower. We want you to stay on top of our Fleaology events and you want to be in the know...right?

2) Leave us a comment. We want to hear from our friends what you thought about our little flea market this summer. Tell us a great find you got at the market, tell us who your favorite vendor is, tell us what you would like to see more of.. (vendors read this blog, so that would be super helpful). We want to hear from you.

3) We will have this giveaway open until Wednesday August 31st and on Thursday September 1st we will announce the winner of the crown. Even if you are not a Flea Queen enter for a friend or loved one............ I know you all know a Flea Queen. :)

4) Hopefully the winner will come visit us at Fleaology on SEPTEMBER 2 AND 3 to pick up the crown, but if you are out of state that is okay too!

That is all you have to do! (Remember you need to be a follower and leave a comment.) We are so excited to see all you FLEA Queens and now you have the chance to win a crown made just for you.

We have the most vendors yet for this show, I think we are at 26 and having to turn vendors away. We are going to have lots of great stuff.

I can't wait to see you there! Come say hi to us.

See you on Friday September 2!

xoxo Paula, Jennifer and Cathie

P.s. I just have to show you a picture of this fab cupboard I got
from my good friend Bruce who is a vendor at Fleaology. He always has great stuff at great prices but you need to come early!
P.s.s. I recently had a birthday and my sweet fellow Fleaologist Paula gave me these awesome letters! She knows it is my life motto and found them at a estate sale and thought of me. Thanks Paula, I love them!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Great Blogger Prizes for our Blog Followers at {flea.o.logy} !!

We are offering fun little prizes to all of our blog followers who come either day to our flea.o.logy sale on September 2nd and 3rd.  The goodies are arranged below, so when you come to the sale just sign our book with your Blog Follower ID, your name and email address, and then choose your prize!!  We have bottles, baubles, blocks, buttons, beads, a blue barrel, a  brass bell, a blue bird and a brass badge. 

Also, thread, old handles, lace, trims, tiny old photos, game pieces, a ring, hand made tags, an antique key, a set of tiny silver plate salt and pepper shakers, a heart shaped cookie cutter and a miniature bust of Shakespeare. These items and lots sell for $3 to $5 at our antique store ... so get your friends to sign on too and together you can 'clean up'!! (Not to mention that you can have a blast with your girl friends and sisters goin' junquin'!!)

Just don't forget to 'save the date' for our flea.o.logy sale, on September 2nd and 3rd.   It opens at 8:00 A.M. sharp on both Friday and Saturday at 218 N. Main in Payson, Utah.  BTW We will have fresh merchandise on Saturday too!!

Oh and by the way, did you know that flea.o.logists are both brainy AND brawny!!  Take a look at Jenn, the secondary flea.o.logist.  She was able to put this upholstered chair in the back seat of this car.  Talk about spacial abilities, I told her it couldn't be done ... evidently not so!  As for the brawny part, take a look at her muscling it into the house!!

Also, watch this site, next week we will be announcing a fabulous blog follower prize drawing ... I promise you will be amazed!! So stay tuned....

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

This "disease" we love to catch. . . meet new dealer Julie!

When new flea.o.logy dealer Julie was little, she went to a flea market with her family in Germany.  She thought, "Why would anyone want to buy fleas?  Are they the kind of fleas that do tricks in the cartoons?"  When her family arrived she searched relentlessly for the fleas.  There simply weren't any there. . . .

However, there was lots of great stuff to see.  And hot potato salad and wiener schnitzel.   She believes that’s where she caught her disease.  Hoarding. 

Er. . . collecting, she meant to say. 

A decade ago, Julie met Kory Lloyd, someone she refers to as "the guru of junk."  "He taught me everything I would ever want to know about junk but was afraid to ask," she says.  "Now, I can’t pass a yard sale or a junk store without stopping.  If I see anything vintage pink or aqua, my car squeals to a stop. . . . When I go to a junk store and it is full of good stuff, I literally start shaking.  It’s like I getting too much of an antique fix at once - an overdose, if you will."

In her youth she was a tomboy who played basketball, baseball and football with her two brothers.  One day her mom bought her a Skipper doll.  She now has her own collection of vintage Barbies. . . and calls her company Lacey's Antique, Unique and Chic.

Julie's daughters help with cleaning, organizing and staging her treasures.  They'll be accompanying her to flea.o.logy, making it a family affair.  Julie is super excited to be a part of all the fun of both selling her wares and buying from the other dealers. 

Welcome to flea.o.logy, Julie. . . we hope you're contagious!