Monday, April 20, 2015

May Flea.o.logy in the Making!

Yep, its coming on flea market weather, and we have 40 plus dealers gathering vintage goodness for your shopping pleasure!  

Click here for the event page, and share it with you junking loving friends!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Check Out Our Midwinter Flea!

Here is your promised peek into fleaolgy.

The first three photos are of my booth!  I sold all but three of these globes! 
          This one is Jennine's booth

These two photos are of Keith's booth. 

We had Pyrex piled high! 

          This one is Carla and Sherry's  

How cute are the Flamingos in Denise's booth. She's with Two Old Crows!

 This is Joanne's booth!

It's always fun to see other dealers I associate with, like these girls from the Reclaimologists, Jamie and Denise. 

More reclaimologists, past and present, Shannon,Jeff and Mandy. 

 Here we have Angie and Mark... A
ngie is 'the American Homemaker'  and Mark is one of the Old Crows!  If this photo had a sound track you'd be hearing "we are not married" over and over.  Still we've all begun to feel like family. 
Kathy of Utah weddings, catered our event and had her son run the photo booth...  He was pretty done by the end of the show! 
I just thought you might like to see some of the goodies I collected for myself at the show!!!  Fleaology is great for the collection of goodies AND great memories.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Flea.o.logy at Olson's Last Year!

Just thought you'd like to see a few shots of flea.o.logy at Olson's last year!!  I can barely wait!! 

Thanks to Chris, far right, and her crew for inviting us every year, we all need a bit of  a warm, floral scented break in the middle of winter, don't you think?

Monday, January 5, 2015

Break from the winter blues with our Winter Fleaology!

Come in out of the cold, and find a treasure or two (or twenty!).  Located in Olson's lovely green house, bring your friends and make a day of it.  Can't wait to see you all there!

Friday, August 29, 2014


Happy Day for Lydia Stella and Kris Wiley Mitchell!  You won our two $25 gift certificates!  Find Nell for your certificates tomorrow.  Happy Day for everyone else too, because Fleaology is TOMORROW 8-4!!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Get your Flea-Fix for free!

I know it seems crazy, but here we are again, giving away two $25 gift certificates to our upcoming flea market on Aug 30th!  We are open from 8-4, and no doubt you'll fall in love.  It's pretty easy to win, too.  All you have to do is share this giveaway on Facebook, after "liking" Flea.o.logy, and comment back here letting us know you liked and shared our contest.  

For an additional entry, you can use the graphic above and instagram it, letting others know you'll be at the sale.  Then comment back here.  For a third and final entry, share this giveaway on your blog and link back to it in the comments below.  3 fabulous ways to win!  Good luck!  Winner will be announced on Aug 29th; entries are due by midnight on the 28th. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Midsummer Flea.o.logy Fun!!

Hi All, its your flea.o.logist, Paula here .... I just finished posting about flea.o.logy on my own blog,, and thought I would just put the whole blog post here for those of you who missed the sale, or who are interested in revisiting a super fun day!!

Flea.o.logy day ... I still love it after all these years ... a lot of work, absolutely, adrenalin, a must, exhaustion at the end of the day, definitely.  But after doing 4 or more sales a year for 9 years, I still love it.  Here are some pics and notes on the sale last weekend, here in Payson Utah, with a total of 36 dealers.

This is a closeup of a spot in my space ....
 This picture shows about half of my space ...

The side by side Victorian secretary got a new home, it turned out so nicely I was so tempted to keep it.
 I thought this was the most unusual find of the whole sale.
 This new dealer came over from Vernal to join us!

Love the random pics, like my sons chatting ... please note the disembodied arm.

 This is Dealer Dru's third flea.o.logy ... she is a smashing addition to our show!!

The Scottish festival was going on in town too, fortunately for us the fliers they sent out were misprinted with the address as 250 N. Main, instead of 250 S. Main ... we are at 218 N Main, and the crowd we attract on our own, made us look like a festival ... it was super fun to meet lots and lots of men, and ladies in kilts!

This dealer had rusty antique keys available for a buck ... not bad when I am seeing them at antique stores these days for $5!

 This charming fretwork and picket surround found a new owner at the sale, namely me ... It was just $125 and will perfectly span the last open bit of my soon to be fenced back yard ... I am pretty sure I couldn't have found the components for the amount I paid, and Mr. Fleaology, has just a little less work in his future!!  Thanks dealers Vicki and Mark from Bountiful's Pick it Vintage!!

If you've followed me for  long, you know how I love a pennant banner, there were several dealers sporting them... it makes it feel so festive ... sort of like a circus!!
 This part of the venue is my back lawn, leading to my garden house ...
 With the Cravings Truck serving up gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, and the Snowie truck making healthy slushies, we were all set!! 

A couple more shots of Jennine's booth, who's stuff I always adore ...  

and lest you think I forgot to take pictures of 2 Pits of  a Pear's set up, (as if)  they are getting their own blog post ... I adore there goodies, and it was super fun to hear their stories of selling at the Farm Chicks sale this year!! So stay tuned!
 Of course Liz, our resident face painter did her usual amazing work... and she will also be featured in my future post about a funny thing that happened at flea.o.logy with our four Lizs in all!!
Thanks for stopping by to enjoy flea.o.logy ... this cute couple came at the end.  They live in town, but have never stopped before.  But when they saw this carved rooster, as they drove by, they knew they had to stop at flea.o.logy for the first time.  Don't you think they look happy that they did?