Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Fleaology Shopper Shirley Shares!

So, do you ever wonder what people do with the goodies they buy at fleaology?  Well I do, that's why I thought it was so fun to see Shirley Hatfield's blog post about small tins she got at our last fleaology of the year.  If you'd like to view it at her blog site, click here   You might want to follow her blog, she has lots of fun and colorful ideas!

Holiday Preview...Christmas Characters From Vintage Tins!

Recent Tins.
Found at Flea-ology...a local Vintage Fleamarket.

I recently posted the picture of some tins I found at Flea-ology, which is held at my good friend Paula's home in Payson, Utah.  Paula blogs at Pollyanna Reinvents and is my favorite vendor at Treasures Antiques in Springville.  The moment I saw these, I knew they would become new additions to my collection of holiday characters made from vintage tins.  I have just finished a couple of these characters and can't wait to share them with you.

Jack Frost...
Jack Frost...a snowman from a vintage Postum tin.
Jack is about 8" tall on a 6" oval base.

Vintage Postum Tin.
I forgot to get a picture of the tin I found.

A Bit of Postum History...

I have fond memories of Postum.  My grandparents drank it all the time and I enjoyed sipping it from a tea cup and pretending it was coffee.  Members of the Mormon faith abstain from coffee, so it was very popular in the Mountain West.  It is made from roasted wheat bran, wheat, and molasses.  Although the Postum Cereal Company stated in its ads that it didn't taste like coffee, the drink was enormously popular during World War II, when coffee was rationed.

There is a similar product in Germany, called Caro...also known in the US as Pero.  My German friend, Monika...who is also a Mormon...used to invite me over for "Coffee" every Wednesday.  She brought out her nicest tea set and baked a traditional German dessert.  I must have downed gallons of Caro during my three years overseas.  I still miss it...especially the "instant crystals."

Kraft discontinued production of Postum in 2007.  Eliza's Quest Food, licensed the trademark in 2012 and sold it online.  Since 2013, it has been available in a limited number of stores...primarily in Utah and other Mountain States.

Side View.
Jack's head is paper clay...his arms are measuring spoons.

Back View.

I thought it would be fun to put Jack in a snowy scene.

Dri-Shu Santa...
Cute Santa made from a Dri-Shu tin.
Dri-Shu protects Santa's boots from Snow and Sleet.

Santa is about 6" tall.
His head is a vintage Santa ornament.
I used wooden half-eggs for his boots and trimmed them with chenille.

Tin for a bowl full of jelly!
His hands are some kind of electrical doo-hickeys.
I bought a big bag of them for $1 at a vintage yard sale.

Side and Back View.

Santa's Winter Scene.

Give Thanks...

Thanksgiving scene with old spice tin.
I have a bunch of turkey and pilgrim candles.

I haven't made a lot of Thanksgiving house is decorated for Christmas before Thanksgiving so my Idaho Falls grand kids can see my Christmas decorations when they come for dinner. I do decorate the tables for Thanksgiving.

I am thankful for so many things...I need to express those thanks more fully.
I am so thankful for this blog and those who read it.
Thank you!

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