Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Flea.ette!! It Will Be Simply Splendid!!

What is a flea.ette you ask? 
Well if you are a junquer and you have become hooked on our flea.o.logy sales, it might be just what you have been hoping for.   At our final flea.o.logy of the season, we heard several comments about how long winter is, how everyone would miss the flea.o.logy sales over all those long months and couldn't we just squeeze in just one more flea.o.logy before the snow flew?  Well, happily other comments were also made.

One of our great flea.o.logy customers turned out to be a shop owner in Pleasant Grove.  She has a charming cottage full of the kinds of goodies flea.o.logists adore.  AND she has invited us to bring our flea.o.logy sale to 'her house' to play.  And what an amazing house it is. The play date should be amazing and you are being invited as well, does it get better than that?
You can take a peek at her website if you want to know more about her store, but I suspect that many like minded flea.o.gists have already checked out her digs. Isn't this the most charming thing you have ever seen? 
 BTW a special thanks to Cathie who stopped by the shop this weekend to bring you some sweet shots of our soon to be 'home away from home'.

Therefore our first, but hopefully not our last, flea.ette sale will be held on October 8th at Simply Splendid at  67 South Main Street in Pleasant Grove.

You might even find time to sneak inside the shop (here is some of their scary Halloween fare), though, we will be open an hour earlier than the shop at 9:00 A.M., they open at 10:00 A.M. and also have a  Bistro, so you can bring your friends and make a day of it, including lunch. Rosebud Antiques is just a few door north.

Look at all the wonderful stuff you can treat yourself to, after a little ''  Our flea-ette will include 8 of our regular 25 dealers, and you are sure to find lots of goodies to take home.  We will have 'junque', clearance items, craft items, painted furniture, jewelry, adorable knit baby caps that look like owls, in fact all the goodies you love to dig through at our regular flea.o.logy sales, just on a 'slightly smaller scale', thus the term 'flea-ette'.
Don't miss our first ever 'flea.ette', at Simply Splendid in Pleasant Grove at  67 South Main Street.  The sale is October 8th (with a rain date of October 15th) from 9:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.  We will have 8 to 10 of our regular dealers, with lots of our regular goodies for you. Remember, as always, to earlies please.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!! Thanks for supporting flea.o.logy!!

Check our blog for our blog followers reward!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Fleaologists Keeping Busy and Doing Good!! Come Support a Great Cause.

While selling our goodies at the Avenues Street Fair the week before last, we were approached by an individual with an opportunity to support a great cause.  The Sharing Place is an organization that provides grief support for children, teens and their families.  They are doing a fund raiser and asked us to contribute a and 'antique gift basket'.
Cathie thought the items in the basket should reflect the interest of the cause, so we gathered items donated from six different flea.o.logy vendors, and put together this gift basket.

The basket includes baby and child related items from the turn of the century (thanks Bruce for the circa 1900 baby cup, to Paula for the baby spoon and fork set, to Cathie for the sweet baby slip trimed with inches and inches of crocheted lace and to Jenn for the antique Mother Goose Print) as well as items well into the forties, (Thanks Cathie for the adorable Rattle, Paula for the baby planters, and brush and comb set)

Is this the most charming and sunny rattle you have ever seen?

The statuette donated by Pat in the front is not vintage, but is very nicely done and the subject is a Victorian Mother and her baby, which made it perfect for the theme of the basket. Other items in the basket include an old children's book, a framed art picture of a child, a crocheted bib and a Scottie dog cookie cutter.

Cathie took the basket home to skillfully wrap up and adorn with a big floppy pastel bow.  It will be available for bid at the Sharing Place's main fund raising event:

Colors of Life
To benefit
The Sharing Place
McCune Mansion
Friday, Oct. 14, 2011 ~ 6:00 p.m.
R.S.V.P.  by Oct. 7th @ (801) 466-6730 or

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Meet the Citizens and Royalty of the land of Flea.o.logy!!

At flea.o.logy, it is a like living in another country, the land of 'flea.o.logy', a happy place, peopled by citizens who share one huge thing, a great affection for old stuff.  Our hearts beat faster when we find that item we have sought.  In the process, friendships among these like minded citizens are likely.  We see these friendly  fleaologists at our sale, then run into them at the Treasures Antiques, at Robert's Craft  in Eastbay or at Macey's in Spanish.  Being 'secret members' of the society of flea brings us together.
Here we see one of our fleaology vendors hobnobbing with a customer.  

Here are some customers showing off their happy finds.  The Staffordshire dogs are a love of mine as well, so I had to take a picture of the customer who 'scored' them.  The linens are always a great find, and we sell a lot of vintage table clothes.  The customer in the red is also wearing a charming 'crafted scarf' that she bought from one of our crafty dealers.
And talk about happy, look what this little boy found!  Yes we have lots of happy little customers as well.


In this picture we see how 'fleaing' helps build and strengthen the families of Flea.o.logy land.  I couldn't resist snapping this picture of the two little boys helping mom carry out her amazing flea market find.  The lady with the suitcase declared that she had been looking for a suitcase like this for years.

Thus it becomes obvious that the happy country of flea.o.logy needs leadership.  Therefore we have the  'Flea Queen' otherwise known as Kelli, who was declared the official royal of the land of flea.o.logy by the most democratic manner of all, a random drawing.  Kelli is a blog follower who entered out blog contest by merely being a follower (that's sort of like being a registered voter, right?) and taking the trouble to enter a comment on our blog.  Yeah Queen Kelli!!

Here is a close up shot of the queen and her wonderful flea crown, compliments of flea.o.logist Jennifer.  Thanks Kelli for being a long time follower of flea.o.logy.  Kelli is lucky enough to live just three blocks from the flea.o.logy seat of government.  I mean I have always said that my house looks more like a government building than a house, right?!"

And now for the promised nugget of news.  The flea.o.logists, besides doing guest appearances at other sales, such as the Avenues Street Fair, the Walter Larsen Antique Show and Ogden's Acorn Antique show, we are also negotiating for an indoor venue for a Winter Flea.o.logy sale.  Keep watching our blog and details will follow. 

Thanks for helping us celebrate the coronation of our very first royal!!  And again, Congrats to Queen Kelli!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Ooh, how we love to "flea"!

Ooh la la. . . two days of flea.o.logy are, indeed, twice as much fun!  Our first two-day sale drew in a record number of vendors, a record number of sales, and - we certainly hope - a record number of happy folks who got to go home with one-of-a-kind treasures.  Here's a few pics of some of what we had to offer. . . .

Don't you think it looked like a great time?!


Now, come see Paula, Jen & Cathie 
at the Avenues Street Fair this Saturday. . .

s e p t e m b e r    1 0 t h

9   a m   -   6   p m

2 n d   a v e n u e

s a l t   l a k e   c i t y

you'll find us between G and H Streets

Come say hi!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Best Flea Market in Utah is done for the year!!

We are not only the best flea market in Utah, we also have the best dealers in Utah.  The dealers for this show are hand picked to bring our great customers a wonderful variety of goodies.

Here is one of our first dealers to arrive for set up day, Rosemarie, and look what a great job her son did piling it high!!

Fred is one of the supportive husbands of  vendors, who somehow seem to make it possible for us to do what we do.

Here is Patty with her supportive husband.  He had back surgery three years ago, and was still muscling around heavy furniture for the sale.

Mike is bringing in a solid oak table, with a new pretty blue and black finish.  This one didn't last long at our sale.
This is Mike's sister Michelle, who is a vendor in her own right, with some of the goodies which she had great luck in selling at our sale this past Friday and Saturday.

Claudia is a new vendor, she had great hand made belts, purses and baby clothes.  She is shown here with her daughter after set up.  We met Claudia at the Bella's sale this summer, and she also consigns at Aunt  Elsie's in Gardner Village, if you would like to go by and check out her crafting skills.

This is another dealer who was new to our show and who did great.  Her name is Vicky, here she is shown setting up, she had great AND affordable stuff.

These are two established dealers, both have been with us for years.  Bruce is shown on the left, and Darrel on the right.  Bruce is at Treasures Antiques with me, and also does antique shows with me, such as the Walter Larsen show and the Acorn Show.  Darrel has great and manly collectibles, oil advert stuff, license plates and all sorts of rusty stuff that make men's hearts go pitter-pat.
Pat is another dealer new to our sale this year.  She does a lot of jewelry, and she is shown here sorting some of that.  She also has a wide assortment of vintage and gift items.  Everyone loved her uber affordable booth.  Including me!!

In my next post I will show you some pictures of some of our amazing customers, including the blog follower who won the 'flea crown' we offered as a prize a few weeks ago.

Thanks to all of our customers and our 27 dealers, who made this our most memorable and successful flea.o.logy yet.  In our next post I may even give a few hints about our newest upcoming project.  We expect you will all be excited about that. Thanks for reading, and we hope you managed to join us for flea.o.logy.  We know that at least 12 of our blog followers made the trek, and we want to thank you all for your support.  -Paula

P.S. did you try the homemade twix bars .... mmmmmm