Sunday, September 11, 2011

Meet the Citizens and Royalty of the land of Flea.o.logy!!

At flea.o.logy, it is a like living in another country, the land of 'flea.o.logy', a happy place, peopled by citizens who share one huge thing, a great affection for old stuff.  Our hearts beat faster when we find that item we have sought.  In the process, friendships among these like minded citizens are likely.  We see these friendly  fleaologists at our sale, then run into them at the Treasures Antiques, at Robert's Craft  in Eastbay or at Macey's in Spanish.  Being 'secret members' of the society of flea brings us together.
Here we see one of our fleaology vendors hobnobbing with a customer.  

Here are some customers showing off their happy finds.  The Staffordshire dogs are a love of mine as well, so I had to take a picture of the customer who 'scored' them.  The linens are always a great find, and we sell a lot of vintage table clothes.  The customer in the red is also wearing a charming 'crafted scarf' that she bought from one of our crafty dealers.
And talk about happy, look what this little boy found!  Yes we have lots of happy little customers as well.


In this picture we see how 'fleaing' helps build and strengthen the families of Flea.o.logy land.  I couldn't resist snapping this picture of the two little boys helping mom carry out her amazing flea market find.  The lady with the suitcase declared that she had been looking for a suitcase like this for years.

Thus it becomes obvious that the happy country of flea.o.logy needs leadership.  Therefore we have the  'Flea Queen' otherwise known as Kelli, who was declared the official royal of the land of flea.o.logy by the most democratic manner of all, a random drawing.  Kelli is a blog follower who entered out blog contest by merely being a follower (that's sort of like being a registered voter, right?) and taking the trouble to enter a comment on our blog.  Yeah Queen Kelli!!

Here is a close up shot of the queen and her wonderful flea crown, compliments of flea.o.logist Jennifer.  Thanks Kelli for being a long time follower of flea.o.logy.  Kelli is lucky enough to live just three blocks from the flea.o.logy seat of government.  I mean I have always said that my house looks more like a government building than a house, right?!"

And now for the promised nugget of news.  The flea.o.logists, besides doing guest appearances at other sales, such as the Avenues Street Fair, the Walter Larsen Antique Show and Ogden's Acorn Antique show, we are also negotiating for an indoor venue for a Winter Flea.o.logy sale.  Keep watching our blog and details will follow. 

Thanks for helping us celebrate the coronation of our very first royal!!  And again, Congrats to Queen Kelli!!

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  1. I just want to follow you gals around and enjoy your vibrant beautiful persona's!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm very humbled to wear this crown!!!