Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Still Smiling Since Simply Splendid and Our Flea.ette!

Well, it quit raining last week, and warm breezes came up from the south and the sun came out for us to hold our flea.ette on it's rain date, October 15th.  It was a lovely day, and Dana and her staff cooked up some divine smelling stuff for breakfast, like orange rolls and French toast and pomegranate lemonade.  Yummmm
And here we are, in front of the store sign, ready to welcome our wonderful customers.  We had a great time with some of our regulars stopping by, and we had a chance to meet new friends who are now as excited about flea.o.logy as we are.

Cathie brought along her cute mannequin, dressed as a flea.o.logist, to hold our 'open' sign, isn't she adorable.  The pumpkin display in the wash tubs was perfect for setting the stage for our fun autumn sale.

Here are just a few of the great displays that were put together by our 8 flea.o.logy dealers for the flea.ette.
(A full fledged flea.o.logy sale in Payson typically has around 25 dealers)

Then there's our customers!!

Of course our customers are really what it's all about.  The gal on the left is trying to decide if this crown is 'just right' for her.  You know, all of us need a crown, there are just those times when nothing else fills that need.  The gal on the left just purchased the necklace she is wearing from one of our jewelry artists, Nell and since it matched her outfit perfectly she decided to wear it home.
And last, but certainly NOT least is Michelle and her daughter and grand baby accepting the blog followers prize, the most recent Flea Market Style Magazine, for her daughter whose name was drawn, Leslie. 

The sale was a lot of fun, chatting with friends old and new.  And of course I am wearing my happy face because I found a wonderful door for the green house my husband is going to build me next spring!! 

Thanks again to Dana of Simply Splendid, there in Pleasant Grove, and her staff for great breakfast and lunch treats, and affordable crafts, jewelry and clothing too!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall is perfect for the Vintage Look

I thought I would post some fun ideas about Fall decorating. I love, love Fall. The color palette really speaks to me; orange, yellow, green, brown, all those wonderful earthy colors. I posted a little while back about a wonderful cabinet I got from Fleaology vendor Bruce. I have had so much fun with it and was excited to decorate with a Fall theme. I dug through my "stuff" and found some really great vintage items. Some vintage items you might want to use to decorate:

1. Old clocks...I think they can be kind of spooky in a Halloween setting.

2. Old books...always adds mystery to a vignette.
3. Old jars...look great with colored water or fun Halloween labels. (My fellow fleaologist Paula has made some vintage Halloween jars....be sure to look for them!)

4. I love to pull out green DISHWARE. In my cabinet I have a stack of green depression glass.

5. Any kind of vintage Halloween decoration....I got my paper ball from my friend and fleaologist Cathie.

I filled in the rest of my shelf with some cute Martha Stewart Halloween decorations and a BANNER. My motto....always use a banner if you can.

So come to Fleaology this SATURDAY and pick up some VINTAGE finds for FALL decorating. We are so excited to get to see our friends and customers one more time before it gets really cold.

We are so grateful for the beautiful weather and to be in such a fun location. Come hungry, there is a wonderful bistro at the boutique.

We'll see you at 9am!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Flea.o.logy Flea.ette Postponed by Rain until 10/15/2011

Well, it looks like you won’t need to hunt up your umbrella after all...
the Flea.o.logists are officially declaring their decision to use that Rain Date

Come and see us at Simply Splendid next week.
Saturday, October 15th at 9:00 A.M.  to 3:00 P.M.
Simply Splendid at 67 S. Main in Pleasant Grove.
We are so sorry we missed seeing you today and hope to see you next week.

P.S.  We just found out that SImply Splendid will have breakfast available during our sale at their Bistro!!  Yummy!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thanks to Dennis at the New Century Collector

Hey all, do you remember this edition of the New Century Collector?  This is the August Edition where Dennis Barker, the editor featured US!!  We loved the article.

And now The New Century Collector has launched its own Blog!!  Dennis sent me a link, and his first 'short' is about our coming flea.ette at Simply Splendid this Saturday.  When I went to take a look I got to be his first blog follower, but YOU can be his second, if you hurry, though 3rd, 9th or 17th would be good too!

He has a nice list of local antique stores web sites and blogs, which is sort of a bonus.  You can also keep in touch with the local antiques scene by becoming a follower.  Dennis is always in the know.  Don't miss this chance!!

Thanks and see you at the flea.ette!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Blog followers give-away #2. . .

What's your style? 
  • Victorian? 
  • Shabby chic? 
  • Fifties? 
  • Country?
  • Mid-century modern? 
  • Upcycled junk?
If you're a fan of the latter, you are so in luck! 

After all - here's what we're giving away this time:

The latest issue of Junk Market Style,
fresh on newstands in the last few weeks.


Can you say "junk heaven?"  Take a little junk and these amazing people will show you what you can do with it.  Ideas galore for that pile of rusty stuff sitting on your project table. . . .

Two ways to win this incredible magazine.

1.  If you're a blog follower, leave a comment before our next flea.o.logy sale

(which is on Saturday October 8th.  But, you probably knew that already)

2.  If you don't follow our blog yet, sign up now.

Everyone who signs up between now and our sale on the 8th will be entered to win.

(One winner will be chosen out of the proverbial hat to receive the magazine.)


Then, come to the flea.o.logy "flea.ette" to claim your prize. . .

(We could mail it to you if you can't make it, but it'd be so much more fun to see you. . . )

Or shop for some junk. . .

Be prepared to get rusty.

Time For Blog Follower Goodies, Literally!!

I keep running into more and more people lately who are becoming aware of flea.o.logy.   We are so happy with all of our new flea.o.logy friends, and contend that we seem to be attracting the most amazingly happy and talented people in all of Utah.

One thing we are becoming famous for is Nell's Twix bars.  Prior to our last sale a customer came into Treasures Antiques where I work, and when she saw the fliers she asked me if the same bakery girl would be there?  "Well, yes she is." I said,  "Is she bringing those twix bars again?"  I told her I would pass along her suggestion.  She lives in Salt Lake, but said if the 'Twix girl' was going to be there again, she would definitely come down.  (I am thinking flea.o.logy's great junquers' treasures might also have had something to do with her choice to come.)

When she arrived at flea.o.logy a bit later in the day, the Twix Bars were sold out.  Fortunately I had bought some and put them in my fridge, resulting in a satisfied customer!! (She even gave me a tip!)

What??!!  YOU missed the twix bars?  I searched the Internet for a home made twix bar pic that looked as good as Nell's Twix, and this was the closest I got.  I looked at 50 pics and none looked nearly as yummy as Nell's.

So why am I torturing you?  Because Nell's Twix bars are going to be our blog followers' treat at our flea.ette this coming Saturday.  And not only will you enjoy the 'goods' you will get the recipe too. If you are not a follower yet, sign on and then come and see us at Simply Splendid, you definitely won't regret it!!
See you at
Simply Spendid
  67 South Main Street, Pleasant Grove
on Saturday
  Oct. 8th (with a rain date of October 15th)  9:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. 

BTW we just signed up a wonderful 'silver spoon' artist for this sale.  You pick out a piece of silver plate flatware from his selection of wonderful vintage pieces and he makes it into your choice of jewelry item while you watch.  I have seen his work and its amazing.

Of course many of our regular sellers will be there as well with lots of clearance price antiques, fun crafts, artist created jewelry, painted furniture, and all those things you have come to love about flea.o.logy, 'on a slightly smaller scale'!!

P.S. If your mouth is set for one of Nell's Twix bars, you will have to sign on as a follower, because Nell will not be selling goodies this time.  We thought we would leave the yummy stuff to our hosts at Simply Splendid and their array of delicious treats!!
P.P.S.  Nell just made some of her amazing delicious bars and took pics so you can see the real thing .... she shared too .... yummy!!