Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall is perfect for the Vintage Look

I thought I would post some fun ideas about Fall decorating. I love, love Fall. The color palette really speaks to me; orange, yellow, green, brown, all those wonderful earthy colors. I posted a little while back about a wonderful cabinet I got from Fleaology vendor Bruce. I have had so much fun with it and was excited to decorate with a Fall theme. I dug through my "stuff" and found some really great vintage items. Some vintage items you might want to use to decorate:

1. Old clocks...I think they can be kind of spooky in a Halloween setting.

2. Old books...always adds mystery to a vignette.
3. Old jars...look great with colored water or fun Halloween labels. (My fellow fleaologist Paula has made some vintage Halloween sure to look for them!)

4. I love to pull out green DISHWARE. In my cabinet I have a stack of green depression glass.

5. Any kind of vintage Halloween decoration....I got my paper ball from my friend and fleaologist Cathie.

I filled in the rest of my shelf with some cute Martha Stewart Halloween decorations and a BANNER. My motto....always use a banner if you can.

So come to Fleaology this SATURDAY and pick up some VINTAGE finds for FALL decorating. We are so excited to get to see our friends and customers one more time before it gets really cold.

We are so grateful for the beautiful weather and to be in such a fun location. Come hungry, there is a wonderful bistro at the boutique.

We'll see you at 9am!

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  1. Good job, as always, I LOVE the banner. You have inspired me in that department, I have made one too!! (Its just good you are the right kind of influence, right?)