Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thanks to Dennis at the New Century Collector

Hey all, do you remember this edition of the New Century Collector?  This is the August Edition where Dennis Barker, the editor featured US!!  We loved the article.

And now The New Century Collector has launched its own Blog!!  Dennis sent me a link, and his first 'short' is about our coming flea.ette at Simply Splendid this Saturday.  When I went to take a look I got to be his first blog follower, but YOU can be his second, if you hurry, though 3rd, 9th or 17th would be good too!

He has a nice list of local antique stores web sites and blogs, which is sort of a bonus.  You can also keep in touch with the local antiques scene by becoming a follower.  Dennis is always in the know.  Don't miss this chance!!

Thanks and see you at the flea.ette!!

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