Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Still Smiling Since Simply Splendid and Our Flea.ette!

Well, it quit raining last week, and warm breezes came up from the south and the sun came out for us to hold our flea.ette on it's rain date, October 15th.  It was a lovely day, and Dana and her staff cooked up some divine smelling stuff for breakfast, like orange rolls and French toast and pomegranate lemonade.  Yummmm
And here we are, in front of the store sign, ready to welcome our wonderful customers.  We had a great time with some of our regulars stopping by, and we had a chance to meet new friends who are now as excited about flea.o.logy as we are.

Cathie brought along her cute mannequin, dressed as a flea.o.logist, to hold our 'open' sign, isn't she adorable.  The pumpkin display in the wash tubs was perfect for setting the stage for our fun autumn sale.

Here are just a few of the great displays that were put together by our 8 flea.o.logy dealers for the flea.ette.
(A full fledged flea.o.logy sale in Payson typically has around 25 dealers)

Then there's our customers!!

Of course our customers are really what it's all about.  The gal on the left is trying to decide if this crown is 'just right' for her.  You know, all of us need a crown, there are just those times when nothing else fills that need.  The gal on the left just purchased the necklace she is wearing from one of our jewelry artists, Nell and since it matched her outfit perfectly she decided to wear it home.
And last, but certainly NOT least is Michelle and her daughter and grand baby accepting the blog followers prize, the most recent Flea Market Style Magazine, for her daughter whose name was drawn, Leslie. 

The sale was a lot of fun, chatting with friends old and new.  And of course I am wearing my happy face because I found a wonderful door for the green house my husband is going to build me next spring!! 

Thanks again to Dana of Simply Splendid, there in Pleasant Grove, and her staff for great breakfast and lunch treats, and affordable crafts, jewelry and clothing too!!

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