Saturday, November 5, 2011

When the Weather Outside is Frightful .... We Just Move Inside!

Oh how we junquers love to junque, which makes the winter a difficult time for some of us.  Skiers benefit from high tech snow making machines to extend their season.  Plants grow in artificial heat and light in green houses for their extended season.  But alas, we junquers cannot create the warm summer climate that makes our treasure hunting oh so pleasurable ... or can we?  If plants can be grown in green houses in the winter, why can't we go junquing in such an artificial climate as well?

OK, so maybe there was some sketchy logic in that opening paragraph, but the important thing is that we ARE going to enjoy a mid-winter flea.o.logy in January this coming year!!  Payson's Award Winning Olson's Garden Shoppe is going to be hosting a full fledged flea.o.logy in their wonderful, warm and sunny indoor garden area!!

Saturday, January 21st is the big day, so be sure to mark your calendar. The sale will open at 10:00 A.M. and will close at 5:00, giving you 7 lovely hours of junquing in January. 
 Does it get better than that?

We would like to thank Brad and Chris Olson and their staff for this wonderful invitation, as well as flea.o.logy vendor Cristy Peterson for arranging it.

Olson's Garden Shoppe is found at  1190 W 400 N in Payson, and is easy to find for your January Junquing!!
 Exit on Payson Main Street as if you were going to our regular flea.o.logy site, but turn west (right) two blocks early at 400 North, instead of at 200 North for the flea.o.logy site.  Follow 400 W. for 1.1 miles to the end of the road, Olson's Garden Shoppe is on your right.

Hope to see you there!!  We will have most of our regular flea.o.logy dealers, and they are already busy gathering goodies for your mid winter junquing fun.!!

Don't Miss Your Chance to Junque in January!!

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