Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pack Up The Babies .... Everyone Knows ... About flea.o.logy!!

 We would like to thank Dennis Barker of the Collector for his fun and quippish article about flea.o.logy in the August edition of his paper. 

A couple of months ago, Cathie, our tertiary fleaologist, suggested that it would be wise as part of our 'get the word out' campaign, to put a small add in the New Century Collector, the Utah Antiquer's monthly bible.  I thought it was a great idea, so the next time the editor, Dennis Barker, came in to deliver a new crop of papers to Treasure's Antiques where I work, we struck a deal.  Dennis who hails from points north had not heard of our venture, and said he would like to come down and see what it is we do!!

It was great to see him at flea.o.logy, and he seemed to be having a great time, even finding a few treasures to take home with him.

We are excited to announce that his half page feature article was published in the August New Century Collector.  I have printed the a scan of the cover of the collector so you can now rush to your nearest Antique Store and pick one up a free copy!!  The Collector is a great paper, besides including maps to help you get to your favorite stores, there are articles on new businesses, and even articles to teach you about different areas of antique collecting.  And now .... ta da ....  you can read up on flea.o.logy as well!!

Our regular shoppers may even spot a picture of themselves at the July sale.  The article itself is well written.  Of course every venture needs an element to keep it from being absolutely perfect, which this one almost was, other than the announcement of our next sale date being off by five days ... fortunately on the calendar in the Collector the dates are correct, so come and see us again on September 2nd and 3rd.  Please note that if you can't come Friday all dealers are bringing fresh merchandise on Saturday as well!!  See you there!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Our Fabulous July {flea.o.logy} is History!!

They came and came and came and came .... and I am just talking about the dealers, 22 of them all bringing the goodies they had been collecting for months to bring and share with you all.  Some of our long time dealers worried that the sale would not support half again as many dealers and still give them the profits they have become used too.  Not to worry, because we definitely had half again as many sales and half again as many satisfied shoppers!!
This truck load of goodies was just this dealer's first of five loads!!  I am pretty sure that he was able to take his left overs home in one load.  The man is a master packer, as you can see.

This display was from one of our new vendors.  Janna had some great stuff and we had some highly satisfied customers who shopped her wares!!

We even had some cute little customers.  Both of these babies came along with their moms who were sellers.  Cute girls eh?  Its important to grow a new antique dealer from the ground up, so to speak.
Another new dealer, Janie, brought this wonderful, whimsical 'flower bed'.  She had lots of other great painted items as well.  We hope she will come back on September 2nd and 3rd and that she will bring more goodies for you all.

Well, thanks again for coming. This is your {flea.o.logy} staff saying,
See you in September ....
 See you when the summertime is through ....
 have a good time, but remember
we're collecting lots of goodie goods for you!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Just for you. . . our blog followers!

Because we love you - our blog followers - we have a little surprise for you when you come to flea.o.logy this Saturday.  Stop by the cashier's table and pick up one of Jen's homemade chocolate chip cookies. . . and then. . . Paula will take you on a tour of her home!  Just our little way to say thanks for supporting us. . . so - thanks!

flea.o.logy welcomes "Just a Bed of Roses". . . .

Hiding behind those shades is Brenda, owner of Just a Bed of Roses, a charming vintage and antique store at 15 E. State St. in Farmington that you won't want to miss when you're up that direction.  Lucky for us, though, she's decided to bring her wares south to join us as a flea.o.logy vendor!  These photos are from her store, but perhaps they'll give you an idea of the kinds of things she might bring to the flea. . . .

Maybe life really is. . . just a bed of roses. . . .

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Local Newpaper Spotlights flea.o.logy!

The Fleaologists are at it again, spreading the news about our amazing flea market!!  As the primary fleaologist I was a bit surprised to recieve notifacation that I had a post on our flea.o.logy facebook page
noting that a young man, whose FB picture made him  look like Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater was interested in interviewing me about our flea.o.logy business.  Being into nursery rhymes myself, I was right on it!
I later met him at Treasures Antique Mall where I work,
and found him to be an intelligent and professional looking college student  

He asked lots of questions, like a good reporter should, and I showed him the several  booths belonging to we three flea.o.logists.  He said that as a graphic design student he found that the stores are a photographer's paradise, and indeed they are. We have many photographers who shop there for great props, like suitcases, baby scales, baskets, fun vintage hats, and other amazing things to enrich their props 'departments'.

Of course most photographers recognize that we also have lots of fun colors, textures, and shapes that make for wonderful still lives as well.

It was fun to meet Clark and to introduce him to the world of antiques. He swore he would be back again, and again!! When you come to flea.o.logy this Saturday, July 16th, you may find him wandering around with his great camera!!  Though no matter how long you study the above photo of him, I promise you will not recognize him.

You are welcome to go to the UVU Review at the following link to see what Mr. Goldsberry had to say about us!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

New vendor. . . We Do Re-Dos



Meet Janie, Colleen and Ron, a.k.a. "We Do Re-Dos".  For years now they've been taking cast-off furniture and working pure magic on it. . . or, as they say on their blog, "we find old or broken down furniture and Re Do it to look new again and then we shabby it to make it look old again."  They would then have huge yard sales at Janie's Canyon Road home in Provo two or three times a year which would draw huge crowds of their faithful customers - up until their last one ever this past May.  Now, the only way to purchase their works of art is through their blog, on, or. . . lucky for us. . . at flea.o.logy! 


Here's a little sample of the kind of work they do.  Although many of these pictured items have been sold, the furniture they will bring to flea.o.logy will be similar and just as exciting.  You won't want to miss "We Do Re-Dos". . . interesting furniture, quality workmanship, fun colors, and just the nicest people around.  We are happy as can be to welcome them to our flea.o.logy family!

Visit their blog at

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Are you ready for some "flea?"

I start getting kind of excited right about now.  Only about a week and a half to go.  So much to do, so much great stuff to sift through.  Will I get distracted and go out garaging in the meantime?  Probably.  Will that mean even more cool stuff to bring?  Yup.  Can't wait for you to see all the cool stuff. . . .

Excited about what, you ask?  Well, the flea market, of course.  My heart skips a beat when I think of the words "flea" and "market" in the same phrase.  Flea markets are my weakness.  Skip the gourmet restaurant. . . pass by the mall. . . cancel my appointment at the spa.  I'll take a flea market any day.

So, I gotta admit, I'm a little excited that flea.o.logy is almost here.  Can't wait to see what the vendors will bring.  Can't wait to come home with a few "new" treasures.  Can't wait to rub elbows with so many extraordinary people.

So. . . wanna come rub some elbows? 

*  f l e a . o . l o g y  * 

a  n  t  i  q  u  e  s    &    c  r  a  f  t  s 

f  l  e  a    m  a  r  k  e  t

s a t u r d a y   j u l y   1 6 t h

8 : 0 0  a m   ' t i l    a b o u t   3 : 0 0  p m

2 1 8   n .   m a i n

p a y s o n