Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Local Newpaper Spotlights flea.o.logy!

The Fleaologists are at it again, spreading the news about our amazing flea market!!  As the primary fleaologist I was a bit surprised to recieve notifacation that I had a post on our flea.o.logy facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/fleaology/146157645454559
noting that a young man, whose FB picture made him  look like Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater was interested in interviewing me about our flea.o.logy business.  Being into nursery rhymes myself, I was right on it!
I later met him at Treasures Antique Mall where I work, http://treasuresantiquemall.blogspot.com/
and found him to be an intelligent and professional looking college student  

He asked lots of questions, like a good reporter should, and I showed him the several  booths belonging to we three flea.o.logists.  He said that as a graphic design student he found that the stores are a photographer's paradise, and indeed they are. We have many photographers who shop there for great props, like suitcases, baby scales, baskets, fun vintage hats, and other amazing things to enrich their props 'departments'.

Of course most photographers recognize that we also have lots of fun colors, textures, and shapes that make for wonderful still lives as well.

It was fun to meet Clark and to introduce him to the world of antiques. He swore he would be back again, and again!! When you come to flea.o.logy this Saturday, July 16th, you may find him wandering around with his great camera!!  Though no matter how long you study the above photo of him, I promise you will not recognize him.

You are welcome to go to the UVU Review at the following link to see what Mr. Goldsberry had to say about us!!

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  1. I think the picture he took of you looks great I love the black and white with the plates behind you. It was cool to see an article about your sale good work!