Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Our Fabulous July {flea.o.logy} is History!!

They came and came and came and came .... and I am just talking about the dealers, 22 of them all bringing the goodies they had been collecting for months to bring and share with you all.  Some of our long time dealers worried that the sale would not support half again as many dealers and still give them the profits they have become used too.  Not to worry, because we definitely had half again as many sales and half again as many satisfied shoppers!!
This truck load of goodies was just this dealer's first of five loads!!  I am pretty sure that he was able to take his left overs home in one load.  The man is a master packer, as you can see.

This display was from one of our new vendors.  Janna had some great stuff and we had some highly satisfied customers who shopped her wares!!

We even had some cute little customers.  Both of these babies came along with their moms who were sellers.  Cute girls eh?  Its important to grow a new antique dealer from the ground up, so to speak.
Another new dealer, Janie, brought this wonderful, whimsical 'flower bed'.  She had lots of other great painted items as well.  We hope she will come back on September 2nd and 3rd and that she will bring more goodies for you all.

Well, thanks again for coming. This is your {flea.o.logy} staff saying,
See you in September ....
 See you when the summertime is through ....
 have a good time, but remember
we're collecting lots of goodie goods for you!!


  1. Way to go girls! It looks like it was a great success! I love the look of Janna's booth! So gorgeous! ~Stacy~

  2. I would love to be involved! Can you send me info on how to set up a booth?