Monday, July 11, 2011

New vendor. . . We Do Re-Dos



Meet Janie, Colleen and Ron, a.k.a. "We Do Re-Dos".  For years now they've been taking cast-off furniture and working pure magic on it. . . or, as they say on their blog, "we find old or broken down furniture and Re Do it to look new again and then we shabby it to make it look old again."  They would then have huge yard sales at Janie's Canyon Road home in Provo two or three times a year which would draw huge crowds of their faithful customers - up until their last one ever this past May.  Now, the only way to purchase their works of art is through their blog, on, or. . . lucky for us. . . at flea.o.logy! 


Here's a little sample of the kind of work they do.  Although many of these pictured items have been sold, the furniture they will bring to flea.o.logy will be similar and just as exciting.  You won't want to miss "We Do Re-Dos". . . interesting furniture, quality workmanship, fun colors, and just the nicest people around.  We are happy as can be to welcome them to our flea.o.logy family!

Visit their blog at

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