Thursday, July 7, 2011

Are you ready for some "flea?"

I start getting kind of excited right about now.  Only about a week and a half to go.  So much to do, so much great stuff to sift through.  Will I get distracted and go out garaging in the meantime?  Probably.  Will that mean even more cool stuff to bring?  Yup.  Can't wait for you to see all the cool stuff. . . .

Excited about what, you ask?  Well, the flea market, of course.  My heart skips a beat when I think of the words "flea" and "market" in the same phrase.  Flea markets are my weakness.  Skip the gourmet restaurant. . . pass by the mall. . . cancel my appointment at the spa.  I'll take a flea market any day.

So, I gotta admit, I'm a little excited that flea.o.logy is almost here.  Can't wait to see what the vendors will bring.  Can't wait to come home with a few "new" treasures.  Can't wait to rub elbows with so many extraordinary people.

So. . . wanna come rub some elbows? 

*  f l e a . o . l o g y  * 

a  n  t  i  q  u  e  s    &    c  r  a  f  t  s 

f  l  e  a    m  a  r  k  e  t

s a t u r d a y   j u l y   1 6 t h

8 : 0 0  a m   ' t i l    a b o u t   3 : 0 0  p m

2 1 8   n .   m a i n

p a y s o n

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