Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The flea as seen from my viewfinder. . .

As some of you may know, I've got a thing for photography.  I picked up my dad's Minolta SLR one day in high school and found my niche.  That insightful dad built me a darkroom in the basement and my interest turned into a passion.  Instead of carrying a purse with me, I carried my camera - everywhere.  I'd found a way to learn about people. . . things. . . the world.

It was my course of study in college, but it never became my vocation.  Somewhere along the line I decided that education was the right path for that.  Then came my family. . . .  And then. . . came antiquing.  And out came the camera again.  I took pictures of the antiques for the store I worked for.  I took pictures of them to make them look beautiful.  And now, I take pictures of them to blog about them, among other things. . . .

Unlike Paula, I don't like to add a lot of words.  She's better at that than I am.  But I do like to look at pictures.  Hope you do too.  Here's a few views of the last flea.o.logy, from my camera's "viewfinder."

Be back again soon. . .                    

                            with more pics of our
                               favorite little vintage flea!

~ c a T h i E

Monday, May 7, 2012

Flea.o.logy's Products, People and Prizes!

There was definitely a lot of color at our first flea.o.logy sale of the summer season held on Cinco de Mayo!!  We had great products, people and even prizes!

No one would ever reject the reality of a fun flea.o.logy sale ....

Or this sweet vintage bistro set.

This sweet sunny yellow dress actually shares the same fate as the sign and the bistro set.  They all sold.

Vintage kitchen goodies were also popular.  Red always brightens things up.

Racks and racks of vintage clothing were a hit amongst the 20 somethings.  They reject the reality of off the rack looks!!

Colorful bits and pieces were also hot.  They look great displayed or as elements in altered art projects!

People of all kinds came in large numbers.

People with cute children came ....

Cold people came ... (it was a little chilly in the shade, I am afraid)

Stylish people in vintage clothing came .... and bought suitcases to store their cool vintage clothing collections!

And, Heather, the winner of our 'Favorite flea.o.logy Finds' contest came and spent her $50 gift certificate.  Here she is shown with Cathie, one of our flea.o.logists.  Happy Day!  Be sure to check back with us for our blog's next contest!

... and last of all, here are your three flea.o.logists. Paula, Cathie and Jenn, here at the end to thank you all for coming and to give you a holler "You all come back now, here?!?"

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Favorite Flea.o.logy Finds Winner!!

Here are the names.
 There is the box. --->
<---- This is the boy who put his hand in the box.

There were 28 entries from 13 different people in the box.
Look at the boy.  He took a little piece of paper out of the cute round box.

This is the name that the boy drew out of the box.  This is the girl who won the $50 gift certificate to spend at the flea.o.logy sale on Saturday May 5th. 

Congtrats Heather.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

You just never know. . .

. . . what you might find at flea.o.logy!

r u s t i c   s t u f f . . .

                                   p i n k    s t u f f .  .  . 

p l a y f u l   s t u f f . . .  

c r e a t i v e   s t u f f . . .

l i g h t   s t u f f . . . 

b r i g h t    s t u f f . . .

t h e   r i g h t   s t u f f . . .

f l e a . o . l o g y

a n t i q u e s   &    c r a f t s   f l e a   m a r k e t

s a t u r d a y   m a y   5 t h

2 1 8   n .   m a i n   s t r e e t

p a y s o n

8 : 0 0   -   3 : 0 0

we can't wait. 

betcha you can't either.