Monday, April 30, 2012

LaVern Loves Knickerbockers! Favorite Finds!

LaVern: Fleaology! One of my favorite things in the summer. These are pictures of just one of the things that I look for, they are plastic dolls made by Knickerbocker.
My knickerbockers are always a little treasure when I find them. Shown are some that I have crocheted outfits for, these are characters from Nursery Rhymes they are The Queen of Hearts, Humpty Dumpty, Little Boy Blue and Little Miss Muffet (Note her spider on her dress 'beside her')

  I usually find at least one of these a summer at Fleaology, but I usually find plenty of other treasures as well. you'll miss out if you don't at least come and look.

The dolls above are dressed as flowers and the one to the left is the lilac girl.
Thanks LaVern. She has now been entered twicein our drawing for a $50 gift certificate at our May 5th fleaology. Once for telling us what her favorite fleaology finds are and once for sending pictures.

You can enter too.  Our deadline is Wednesday May 2nd.

For one entry: Comment in a contest post what your favorite. fleaology find was.
For two entries: Send us a picture or more and a comment about what your favorite fleaology find was.

For three entries:  Blog about your favorite find and send us a link.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

More Flea.o.logy Favorites!

Flea.o.logy is coming fast!!  I just got this great picture from Megan.  She is entering our contest sharing her favorite finds at flea.o.logy.  She has done a blog post showing a before picture of this Rocker that she scored for just $5.  Go and take a look at her blog.
Congrats Megan for adding your name 3 times to our drawing for a $50 gift certificate to spend this Saturday!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Yet another "Favorite flea.o.logy Find!"

flea.o.logy customer Carlee checked in with us recently to let us know one of her favorite flea.o.logy finds. . . here's what she had to say:

"I have so many favorite finds from flea.o.logy but I finally settled on this beauty. I love my corner shelf. It has lived in about four corners in my house since I brought it home last summer. It just looks good everywhere! I'm counting down until May 5. . . . "

 For participating in our flea.o.logy Favorite Find event Carlee now has two entries submitted for the $50 shopping certificate to our May 5th flea.o.logy sale -
  • one for writing about her favorite find
  • and one for including a photo with it. 

If you'd like to enter to win the $50 shopping certificate see one of our two blog posts which explain the details - one on April 2nd and the other on  April 23rd. 

But hurry. . .

all entries must be in
by Wednesday May 2nd
at 6:00 pm.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Meet Steve. . . creating "Silverwear" out of silverware

At flea.o.logy we have many talented dealers. . . but most of them do their creating before they get to the flea market.  Steve takes a different approach.  You'll find him at flea.o.logy creating as you watch.  And better yet, he'll create exactly what you want as you watch. 

Steve creates "Silverwear" out of silverware.  You pick your utensil.  He makes it into something beautiful.  He keeps at it until it fits. . . and looks. . . perfect. 

In Steve's repertoire are rings, bracelets, pendants, and - - 

windchimes, made from silverware, of course, and. . . 

restaurantware china!

Stop by and say hi to Steve at flea.o.logy on May 5th. . .

and just maybe

let him make something pretty for you!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Isn't she lovely. . . another of my favorite flea.o.logy finds!

Isn't this raggedy doll a little sweetheart?  I found her at the flea.o.logy sale we had last fall in Pleasant Grove at Simply Splendid.  Her little bespectacled eyes met mine, and I knew it - she had to come home with me.

She's one of my favorite flea.o.logy finds ever.  She hangs out in my sewing room, where she keeps an eye on the clutter.  Should any of it get out of place, I'm sure she'll keep mum about it though, since she's not much of a talker. . . .

One reason she's one of my favorite finds is because I bought her from my friend Jenn, who always has an amazing booth at flea.o.logy.   Check it out. . . she labels her items "3 dotters."   My little raggedy lady reminds my of my friendship with Jenn, so it's always a treat to spot her up on the shelf guarding my sewing room mess. . .

                                                                                                     ~ Cathie

And now it's YOUR turn to share
your favorite flea.o.logy find!

You just might win a fabulous prize if you do.

How fabulous, you ask?  Keep reading.

  • For one (1) entry into the drawing for the fabulous prize, tell us in words about your favorite find, and send it to our email(s) or comment here on our blog.

  • For two (2) entries, tell us in words and with pictures, and send it to our email(s).
  • For three (3) entries, blog about it (with your pictures), and post your blog address here in a comment for all to enjoy.

  • And then, the Wednesday before the flea.o.logy sale (May 2nd), there will be a drawing from among all of you who told us about your favorite flea.o.logy finds for. . .

keep reading. . .

keep reading. . .

almost there. . .

    . . . a $50 shopping certificate
    to the May 5th flea.o.logy!

    Now whaddaya think of that?!

    For questions, or to email us your response:

    Sunday, April 22, 2012

    Flea.o.logy Adds 6 New Dealers! Don't Miss Rose's Booth.

    We would like to welcome our long time friend and antique dealer, Rose, as one of our newest flea.o.logy dealers!!  Rose recently closed, sadly, her shop on Center Street in Provo, Man in the Moon.  A sad loss to the local antique community, but it put Rose in a position to join us at flea.o.logy, for which we are grateful 

    She recently posted some pics on our facebook page.  (What?  You haven't liked us yet on facebook?  Get on that, would you?)  So I borrowed these pics of things she is bringing to flea.o.logy on May 5th. 

    The necklace and as-is grandmother's flower garden quilt above are both coming, evidently.  She is also bringing the funky 50's pottery shown at the right.

    A charming hand worked, romantic sampler and a great rose painting, along with a couple of smalls, round out the collection she is showing us. 

    This amazing red stone, and gold tone bracelet and necklace set will also be there for someone who is very, very fast (We open at 8:00 AM)

    Of course she is bringing lots more goodies, enough to fill her 10 by 10 foot space.  We can hardly wait.  She is also a great jewelry artist and you will be able to find some fine and uniquely crafted bling!!  You can look at her blog here.

    Come along please, we are now up to 33 dealers!!  Lots of fabulous new (relatively speaking of course) goodies for you to choose from.  Don't miss it, you will only regret it later.

    Tuesday, April 17, 2012

    Love junk???


    Does the sight of junk get your creative juices flowing?

    Does rust make you tingle?

    Do tools give you ideas?

    Do you wonder what you can do with things?

    Do parts become wholes in your mind?

    Do you love junk?

    (Then visit Cathie's booth at flea.o.logy on May 5th. . . )

    Saturday, April 14, 2012

    A few more favorite flea.o.logy finds. . .

    "flea.o.logy is one of my favorite things to go to. Really, even over the MALL!"
                                           ~ Heather, flea.o.logy customer 

    We have two more of our wonderful flea.o.logy customers who have entered to win the $50 flea.o.logy shopping certificate - which can be yours by simply sharing with us you favorite flea.o.logy find!  Here's what they have to say about their favorite finds. . .

    Nettie says:

    "Oh, that's an easy question. I found a darling set of four handpainted little Japanese salt & pepper shakers that looked like they had never even been out of the box. I wanted them for my little grandchildren to play with when they come and visit us. Carson, our little three-year-old grandson runs to get them every time he comes over. He stacks them up and plays with them for hours. They were the best investment of $5.00 for any toy I have purchased and are virtually indestructible!"

    and Heather says:

    "Flea.o.logy is one of my favorite things to go to. Really, even over the MALL! They have some of the greatest finds there. Most of it even has really great price tags to go with it too.

    "They have an event coming up MAY 5th, and I can't wait! Even though my project will be over by then, I still will be a flea.o.logy regular. Check out their blog HERE for more info and dates. Plus some of the great finds, and merchandise they have. They are so great! Can't wait for MAY 5th!!!!


    "Here is what some friends and I got at the last flea.o.logy event. Ash got this amazing orange chair to shoot photos with, Liz got this cute tin bucket to plant flowers in, and I got t
    the jewelry box for a graduation gift. Paid $5 for it! Can you believe it? L.O.V.E!"

    Because they shared their "favorite finds" with us they have each earned chances to win the shopping certificate.  Nettie earned one entry because she commented on our blog about her "find," and Heather earned three entries, because she commented on our blog, blogged about it on her personal blog, and included a photo. 

    Good luck on May 2nd, ladies, when we draw for a winner!

    If you would like a chance to win the $50 flea.o.logy shopping certificate. . .
    • make a comment on our blog, for one entry
    • send us a comment with a photo to our emails, for two entries
    • or blog about it on your personal blog with a photo, for three entries. Be sure to send us the link
    Our emails you can send entries to are: and

    And. . . since flea.o.logy is fun, have a ton of fun while telling us about your favorite find!

    Wednesday, April 11, 2012

    Just a bit of flattery is all we ask. . . CONTEST WINNER!!

    We would like to congratulate Dennis Barker for winning our 'flattery' contest.

    This is our add in the New Century Collector this month, complete with ....

    a quote from 'an actual flea.o.logy customer'!!

    Congrats Dennis!!

    Thursday, April 5, 2012

    Another Faithful Fleaology Follower! (Contest Entry)

    Here is another flea-o-logy convert, ready to tell her tale.

    Hey Ladies! I had been dying to attend "The Farm Chicks" show for the past 3's been like an "itch" that I just couldn't scratch! The desire to walk in a mecca of lovely vintagey goodness but the trip never happened...every year something came up and I had to use my trip money to fix the water heater or replace our stove, it was always something....and then I found you lovely ladies and your amazing show "Flea*o*ogy"! That was itch was scratched and I was so relieved! You CAN find vintage wonders in Utah! I was saved! I am SO excited for your next show in May and look forward to more favorite finds! The first show I attended was in the winter, (fabulous idea ladies!)We were almost swept off the freeway from flood waters it was raining so hard! Safe in Olsen's Greenhouse we shopped and gasped quietly (so as not to draw attention to our finds) and filled our cars with all kinds of goodness! I recently began collecting old thermoses and SCORED at Fleaology! Look how many different kinds I found! I've included a picture and will be there again in May...cannot wait! Thanks for scratching my itch! -Christine

    Congrats Christine, you just netted two entries into our blog followers contest!!  Good Luck!

    Tuesday, April 3, 2012

    Another Happy Fleaology Customer's Testimonial or two.

    The excitement is building, I just received a link from another of our good customers, Danniey.  She found the gauge above at a fleaology sale.  You can check out her great blog post about her fleaology experience here, it includes more pictures of fun fleaology finds.  Of course with her blog post Danniey now has three chances at the $50 gift certificate to spend at fleaology on May 5th!

     We also have another entry, or should I say two, into our contest, because JaBoe gets two entries for sending me a picture and text.  Thanks J. 

    And here is what Jaboe had to say about her find, scoring 2 chances at the big prize!
    Here it is! My favorite fleaology find! I have only been to one flea event and it was just this year! In Jan. Olsen's Greenhouse was definitely the place to be and when I saw the flier I was unaware of what exactly Fleaology was. Well look at me now-I'm a fleaolgy blog stalker and can not wait till May! This piece is definitely my favorite because it magically fit in with my bathroom decor. I didn't have to paint, prime, or anything of the sort. I just had to pay the cheap 20$ bucks! Greatest find ever! Thanks ladies for opening my eyes into the "junquing"

    Hey Everyone, don't forget, you need to be a blog follower to win this great prize!

    Fifty for Fleaology Fabulous FUN - Five Five!!

    3 Entries for the Fleaology Followers Contest for our first sale:  This is our good shopper and crafter Kelli.  She actually won our Fleology crown last summer, so you know that she is lucky!!  She made this adorable top from a tablecloth she bought at fleaology last summer!!    The picture was taken at our January indoor fleaology sale at Olson's Garden Shoppe!!  Yeah, Kelly!!  Kelly gets one entry because she mentioned her fav in a comment. (The picture was provided by us.)

    "I would love to share my favorite find from last summer's fleaology. I am so
    looking forward to the next one, I have it marked on my calendar.  :) I found
    this great shelf unit thing. My husband hung it on the wall for me above my
    washer & dryer. I love it, it's cute & useful,  it's perfect. I also got my
    suitcase at the same sale last year, it was all tan, I painted the center. I
    love it a ton too. :) thank you for your hard work.
    Thanks" - Chantel   Chantel gets two entries in our contest, because she emailed me the comment and picture shown above!

    These great red stools were purchased by our customer Becca last summer.  If you would like to check out her blog about them take a look here.  Becca gets three entries in our contest because she blogged about her favorite find.

    You can leave your comment about your favorite find on any post about the contest, you can also leave the link to your blog, if you like. (it won't be clickable, but we can cut and paste it into our browsers, right?)  Pictures and text about your favorite find can be emailed to us.  Our email addresses are in the initial contest post.

    Remember one entry in the contest for listing which fleology purchase was your favorite in a comment on a contest blog post, 2 entries for sending us a picture at my email or one of the other two listed in the original contest blog.  Or 3 entries into the drawing for blogging about fleaology and your favorite find and putting that link into a comment on this or the original contest post.

    The prize is a $50 gift certificate to our May 5th Fleaology sale.  And we all know you can buy a TON of goodies for $50 at fleaology!!   Good luck to you all or should I say, "May the odds be always in your favor!"

    Monday, April 2, 2012

    What's YOUR favorite flea.o.logy find? One lucky winner wins $50 flea.o.logy gift certificate!

    One of my favorite flea.o.logy purchases ever. . . shabby chair, now lives in my living room!

    My shabby chair.

    It came home with me a few flea.o.logies ago.

    It's held a special place in my home. . . and heart. . . ever since.

    It's one of my favorite flea.o.logy finds. 


    My Photo

    And now, flea.o.logy fans, it's YOUR turn.

    Drop what you're doing.  Right now.

    Yup.  You get to tell US about your favorite flea.o.logy find(s).

    And, in return, you get a chance to win a fabulous prize!

    • For one (1) entry, tell us in words, and send it to our email(s) or comment here on our blog.

    • For two (2) entries, tell us in words and with pictures, and send it to our email(s).

    • For three (3) entries, blog about it (with your pictures), and post your blog address here in a comment for all to enjoy.

    • And then, the Wednesday before the flea.o.logy sale (May 2nd), there will be a drawing from among all of you who told us about your favorite flea.o.logy finds. . .

      . . . for a $50 shopping certificate to the May 5th flea.o.logy!

      (Yup, that means $50 in free flea.o.logy merchandise
      You're gonna like this deal.
      We promise.)

      For questions, or to email us your response:


      Hope to hear from you soon. . .