Monday, April 23, 2012

Isn't she lovely. . . another of my favorite flea.o.logy finds!

Isn't this raggedy doll a little sweetheart?  I found her at the flea.o.logy sale we had last fall in Pleasant Grove at Simply Splendid.  Her little bespectacled eyes met mine, and I knew it - she had to come home with me.

She's one of my favorite flea.o.logy finds ever.  She hangs out in my sewing room, where she keeps an eye on the clutter.  Should any of it get out of place, I'm sure she'll keep mum about it though, since she's not much of a talker. . . .

One reason she's one of my favorite finds is because I bought her from my friend Jenn, who always has an amazing booth at flea.o.logy.   Check it out. . . she labels her items "3 dotters."   My little raggedy lady reminds my of my friendship with Jenn, so it's always a treat to spot her up on the shelf guarding my sewing room mess. . .

                                                                                                     ~ Cathie

And now it's YOUR turn to share
your favorite flea.o.logy find!

You just might win a fabulous prize if you do.

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  • For one (1) entry into the drawing for the fabulous prize, tell us in words about your favorite find, and send it to our email(s) or comment here on our blog.

  • For two (2) entries, tell us in words and with pictures, and send it to our email(s).
  • For three (3) entries, blog about it (with your pictures), and post your blog address here in a comment for all to enjoy.

  • And then, the Wednesday before the flea.o.logy sale (May 2nd), there will be a drawing from among all of you who told us about your favorite flea.o.logy finds for. . .

keep reading. . .

keep reading. . .

almost there. . .

    . . . a $50 shopping certificate
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    Now whaddaya think of that?!

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