Thursday, April 5, 2012

Another Faithful Fleaology Follower! (Contest Entry)

Here is another flea-o-logy convert, ready to tell her tale.

Hey Ladies! I had been dying to attend "The Farm Chicks" show for the past 3's been like an "itch" that I just couldn't scratch! The desire to walk in a mecca of lovely vintagey goodness but the trip never happened...every year something came up and I had to use my trip money to fix the water heater or replace our stove, it was always something....and then I found you lovely ladies and your amazing show "Flea*o*ogy"! That was itch was scratched and I was so relieved! You CAN find vintage wonders in Utah! I was saved! I am SO excited for your next show in May and look forward to more favorite finds! The first show I attended was in the winter, (fabulous idea ladies!)We were almost swept off the freeway from flood waters it was raining so hard! Safe in Olsen's Greenhouse we shopped and gasped quietly (so as not to draw attention to our finds) and filled our cars with all kinds of goodness! I recently began collecting old thermoses and SCORED at Fleaology! Look how many different kinds I found! I've included a picture and will be there again in May...cannot wait! Thanks for scratching my itch! -Christine

Congrats Christine, you just netted two entries into our blog followers contest!!  Good Luck!


  1. Christine, you are so right. I gasped out loud once and so many people turned to look at me, I told them I had stubbed my toe! Then grabbed the treasure and walked away very quickly!!!

  2. It was a great show and hopefully the freeway will be better this time...that was murder driving in that mess!