Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Another Happy Fleaology Customer's Testimonial or two.

The excitement is building, I just received a link from another of our good customers, Danniey.  She found the gauge above at a fleaology sale.  You can check out her great blog post about her fleaology experience here, it includes more pictures of fun fleaology finds.  Of course with her blog post Danniey now has three chances at the $50 gift certificate to spend at fleaology on May 5th!

 We also have another entry, or should I say two, into our contest, because JaBoe gets two entries for sending me a picture and text.  Thanks J. 

And here is what Jaboe had to say about her find, scoring 2 chances at the big prize!
Here it is! My favorite fleaology find! I have only been to one flea event and it was just this year! In Jan. Olsen's Greenhouse was definitely the place to be and when I saw the flier I was unaware of what exactly Fleaology was. Well look at me now-I'm a fleaolgy blog stalker and can not wait till May! This piece is definitely my favorite because it magically fit in with my bathroom decor. I didn't have to paint, prime, or anything of the sort. I just had to pay the cheap 20$ bucks! Greatest find ever! Thanks ladies for opening my eyes into the "junquing"

Hey Everyone, don't forget, you need to be a blog follower to win this great prize!


  1. I love that piece! It is beautiful! I cannot wait for May 5th! Here are my treasures: mitchandmickey.blogspot.com

  2. So who won the contest for the little bit of flattery?