Monday, April 2, 2012

What's YOUR favorite flea.o.logy find? One lucky winner wins $50 flea.o.logy gift certificate!

One of my favorite flea.o.logy purchases ever. . . shabby chair, now lives in my living room!

My shabby chair.

It came home with me a few flea.o.logies ago.

It's held a special place in my home. . . and heart. . . ever since.

It's one of my favorite flea.o.logy finds. 


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And now, flea.o.logy fans, it's YOUR turn.

Drop what you're doing.  Right now.

Yup.  You get to tell US about your favorite flea.o.logy find(s).

And, in return, you get a chance to win a fabulous prize!

  • For one (1) entry, tell us in words, and send it to our email(s) or comment here on our blog.

  • For two (2) entries, tell us in words and with pictures, and send it to our email(s).

  • For three (3) entries, blog about it (with your pictures), and post your blog address here in a comment for all to enjoy.

  • And then, the Wednesday before the flea.o.logy sale (May 2nd), there will be a drawing from among all of you who told us about your favorite flea.o.logy finds. . .

    . . . for a $50 shopping certificate to the May 5th flea.o.logy!

    (Yup, that means $50 in free flea.o.logy merchandise
    You're gonna like this deal.
    We promise.)

    For questions, or to email us your response:


    Hope to hear from you soon. . .


    1. Lucky me I did a blog about my stoles that I bought last year! here is is for all to see
      dont be to jealiouse.

    2. Mine are the vintage tablecloths I buy and make them into shirts for myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. My favorite find is the gauge I got at the last fleaology. This was a tough choice, though, because all of my finds have been amazing. Here are my I can't wait until May!

    4. A vintage wire laundry basket made me swoon!

    5. Which find was my favorite?? I bought so many! From the vintage tablecloth & the matching plate to the collection of old thermoses in all kinds of sizes & textures to the large metal pail that now holds books in my play room...cannot wait to find more! Check out my blog at and see the picture I posted! My biggest regret? Not purchasing that 3 wheeled bicycle!!

    6. Oh, that's an easy question. I found a darling set of 4 handpainted little Japanese salt & pepper shakers that looked like they had never even been out of the box. I wanted them for my little grandchildren to play with when they come and visit us. Carson, our little 3 year old grandson runs to get them every time he comes over. He stacks them up and plays with them for hours. They were the best investment of $5.00 for any toy I have purchased and virtually indestructible!~

    7. I love FLea.o.logy! I've blogged about it before and just did it again! :) Love the jewelry box I got there!

    8. Since walking out the doors with bags and arms full of fun things from the February fleaology, I have been counting down the days for the next one. I get giddy just thinking about it. The treasures that I found at the last fleaology were amazing. My husband and I had recently moved to Utah and we were in the middle of furnishing our new home. I found this almost flawless vintage wood love-seat bench that fits perfect in our living room. It’s one of my most preferred furniture pieces. My next wonderful find from fleaology was an owl cookie jar. I had been searching for one for sometime and had never found one that I really loved. The one I got from fleaology, I loved from the moment I laid eyes on it. I can't wait until this Saturday!

    9. I blogged about fleaology last February.