Saturday, April 14, 2012

A few more favorite flea.o.logy finds. . .

"flea.o.logy is one of my favorite things to go to. Really, even over the MALL!"
                                       ~ Heather, flea.o.logy customer 

We have two more of our wonderful flea.o.logy customers who have entered to win the $50 flea.o.logy shopping certificate - which can be yours by simply sharing with us you favorite flea.o.logy find!  Here's what they have to say about their favorite finds. . .

Nettie says:

"Oh, that's an easy question. I found a darling set of four handpainted little Japanese salt & pepper shakers that looked like they had never even been out of the box. I wanted them for my little grandchildren to play with when they come and visit us. Carson, our little three-year-old grandson runs to get them every time he comes over. He stacks them up and plays with them for hours. They were the best investment of $5.00 for any toy I have purchased and are virtually indestructible!"

and Heather says:

"Flea.o.logy is one of my favorite things to go to. Really, even over the MALL! They have some of the greatest finds there. Most of it even has really great price tags to go with it too.

"They have an event coming up MAY 5th, and I can't wait! Even though my project will be over by then, I still will be a flea.o.logy regular. Check out their blog HERE for more info and dates. Plus some of the great finds, and merchandise they have. They are so great! Can't wait for MAY 5th!!!!


"Here is what some friends and I got at the last flea.o.logy event. Ash got this amazing orange chair to shoot photos with, Liz got this cute tin bucket to plant flowers in, and I got t
the jewelry box for a graduation gift. Paid $5 for it! Can you believe it? L.O.V.E!"

Because they shared their "favorite finds" with us they have each earned chances to win the shopping certificate.  Nettie earned one entry because she commented on our blog about her "find," and Heather earned three entries, because she commented on our blog, blogged about it on her personal blog, and included a photo. 

Good luck on May 2nd, ladies, when we draw for a winner!

If you would like a chance to win the $50 flea.o.logy shopping certificate. . .
  • make a comment on our blog, for one entry
  • send us a comment with a photo to our emails, for two entries
  • or blog about it on your personal blog with a photo, for three entries. Be sure to send us the link
Our emails you can send entries to are: and

And. . . since flea.o.logy is fun, have a ton of fun while telling us about your favorite find!


  1. Was out at the antigue mall today and saw your flyer- can't wait to come on May 5th! I have missed you open dates in the past.....I will be there this time :-)

  2. ps- is this an open flea market for others to join and sell at? Just curious! Thx....

    1. Yes we are open, but full for this event. Email me at and let me know what you have to sell. We could put you on our wwaiting list for the July sale. -Paula

  3. Hi. . . thanks for asking about our "little flea." For our May flea market we are completely full but if you would like to be considered for the July or September ones please come chat with us at the May 5th flea.o.logy! See you then, Cathie (with Paula & Jenn)