Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fifty for Fleaology Fabulous FUN - Five Five!!

3 Entries for the Fleaology Followers Contest for our first sale:  This is our good shopper and crafter Kelli.  She actually won our Fleology crown last summer, so you know that she is lucky!!  She made this adorable top from a tablecloth she bought at fleaology last summer!!    The picture was taken at our January indoor fleaology sale at Olson's Garden Shoppe!!  Yeah, Kelly!!  Kelly gets one entry because she mentioned her fav in a comment. (The picture was provided by us.)

"I would love to share my favorite find from last summer's fleaology. I am so
looking forward to the next one, I have it marked on my calendar.  :) I found
this great shelf unit thing. My husband hung it on the wall for me above my
washer & dryer. I love it, it's cute & useful,  it's perfect. I also got my
suitcase at the same sale last year, it was all tan, I painted the center. I
love it a ton too. :) thank you for your hard work.
Thanks" - Chantel   Chantel gets two entries in our contest, because she emailed me the comment and picture shown above!

These great red stools were purchased by our customer Becca last summer.  If you would like to check out her blog about them take a look here.  Becca gets three entries in our contest because she blogged about her favorite find.

You can leave your comment about your favorite find on any post about the contest, you can also leave the link to your blog, if you like. (it won't be clickable, but we can cut and paste it into our browsers, right?)  Pictures and text about your favorite find can be emailed to us.  Our email addresses are in the initial contest post.

Remember one entry in the contest for listing which fleology purchase was your favorite in a comment on a contest blog post, 2 entries for sending us a picture at my email  patula10@aol.com or one of the other two listed in the original contest blog.  Or 3 entries into the drawing for blogging about fleaology and your favorite find and putting that link into a comment on this or the original contest post.

The prize is a $50 gift certificate to our May 5th Fleaology sale.  And we all know you can buy a TON of goodies for $50 at fleaology!!   Good luck to you all or should I say, "May the odds be always in your favor!"


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    1. We will do the drawing on the Wednesday (May2) before the sale and contact the winner.