Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Best Flea Market in Utah is done for the year!!

We are not only the best flea market in Utah, we also have the best dealers in Utah.  The dealers for this show are hand picked to bring our great customers a wonderful variety of goodies.

Here is one of our first dealers to arrive for set up day, Rosemarie, and look what a great job her son did piling it high!!

Fred is one of the supportive husbands of  vendors, who somehow seem to make it possible for us to do what we do.

Here is Patty with her supportive husband.  He had back surgery three years ago, and was still muscling around heavy furniture for the sale.

Mike is bringing in a solid oak table, with a new pretty blue and black finish.  This one didn't last long at our sale.
This is Mike's sister Michelle, who is a vendor in her own right, with some of the goodies which she had great luck in selling at our sale this past Friday and Saturday.

Claudia is a new vendor, she had great hand made belts, purses and baby clothes.  She is shown here with her daughter after set up.  We met Claudia at the Bella's sale this summer, and she also consigns at Aunt  Elsie's in Gardner Village, if you would like to go by and check out her crafting skills.

This is another dealer who was new to our show and who did great.  Her name is Vicky, here she is shown setting up, she had great AND affordable stuff.

These are two established dealers, both have been with us for years.  Bruce is shown on the left, and Darrel on the right.  Bruce is at Treasures Antiques with me, and also does antique shows with me, such as the Walter Larsen show and the Acorn Show.  Darrel has great and manly collectibles, oil advert stuff, license plates and all sorts of rusty stuff that make men's hearts go pitter-pat.
Pat is another dealer new to our sale this year.  She does a lot of jewelry, and she is shown here sorting some of that.  She also has a wide assortment of vintage and gift items.  Everyone loved her uber affordable booth.  Including me!!

In my next post I will show you some pictures of some of our amazing customers, including the blog follower who won the 'flea crown' we offered as a prize a few weeks ago.

Thanks to all of our customers and our 27 dealers, who made this our most memorable and successful flea.o.logy yet.  In our next post I may even give a few hints about our newest upcoming project.  We expect you will all be excited about that. Thanks for reading, and we hope you managed to join us for flea.o.logy.  We know that at least 12 of our blog followers made the trek, and we want to thank you all for your support.  -Paula

P.S. did you try the homemade twix bars .... mmmmmm

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