Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Flea.ette!! It Will Be Simply Splendid!!

What is a flea.ette you ask? 
Well if you are a junquer and you have become hooked on our flea.o.logy sales, it might be just what you have been hoping for.   At our final flea.o.logy of the season, we heard several comments about how long winter is, how everyone would miss the flea.o.logy sales over all those long months and couldn't we just squeeze in just one more flea.o.logy before the snow flew?  Well, happily other comments were also made.

One of our great flea.o.logy customers turned out to be a shop owner in Pleasant Grove.  She has a charming cottage full of the kinds of goodies flea.o.logists adore.  AND she has invited us to bring our flea.o.logy sale to 'her house' to play.  And what an amazing house it is. The play date should be amazing and you are being invited as well, does it get better than that?
You can take a peek at her website if you want to know more about her store, but I suspect that many like minded flea.o.gists have already checked out her digs. Isn't this the most charming thing you have ever seen? 
 BTW a special thanks to Cathie who stopped by the shop this weekend to bring you some sweet shots of our soon to be 'home away from home'.

Therefore our first, but hopefully not our last, flea.ette sale will be held on October 8th at Simply Splendid at  67 South Main Street in Pleasant Grove.

You might even find time to sneak inside the shop (here is some of their scary Halloween fare), though, we will be open an hour earlier than the shop at 9:00 A.M., they open at 10:00 A.M. and also have a  Bistro, so you can bring your friends and make a day of it, including lunch. Rosebud Antiques is just a few door north.

Look at all the wonderful stuff you can treat yourself to, after a little ''  Our flea-ette will include 8 of our regular 25 dealers, and you are sure to find lots of goodies to take home.  We will have 'junque', clearance items, craft items, painted furniture, jewelry, adorable knit baby caps that look like owls, in fact all the goodies you love to dig through at our regular flea.o.logy sales, just on a 'slightly smaller scale', thus the term 'flea-ette'.
Don't miss our first ever 'flea.ette', at Simply Splendid in Pleasant Grove at  67 South Main Street.  The sale is October 8th (with a rain date of October 15th) from 9:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.  We will have 8 to 10 of our regular dealers, with lots of our regular goodies for you. Remember, as always, to earlies please.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!! Thanks for supporting flea.o.logy!!

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  1. i am wanting you to do a flea.ette at our farm someday! i talked to dana today and was soooo jealous you were coming there. can't wait to come though! love her and fleaology, you are a perfect fit.;D