Wednesday, August 17, 2011

This "disease" we love to catch. . . meet new dealer Julie!

When new flea.o.logy dealer Julie was little, she went to a flea market with her family in Germany.  She thought, "Why would anyone want to buy fleas?  Are they the kind of fleas that do tricks in the cartoons?"  When her family arrived she searched relentlessly for the fleas.  There simply weren't any there. . . .

However, there was lots of great stuff to see.  And hot potato salad and wiener schnitzel.   She believes that’s where she caught her disease.  Hoarding. 

Er. . . collecting, she meant to say. 

A decade ago, Julie met Kory Lloyd, someone she refers to as "the guru of junk."  "He taught me everything I would ever want to know about junk but was afraid to ask," she says.  "Now, I can’t pass a yard sale or a junk store without stopping.  If I see anything vintage pink or aqua, my car squeals to a stop. . . . When I go to a junk store and it is full of good stuff, I literally start shaking.  It’s like I getting too much of an antique fix at once - an overdose, if you will."

In her youth she was a tomboy who played basketball, baseball and football with her two brothers.  One day her mom bought her a Skipper doll.  She now has her own collection of vintage Barbies. . . and calls her company Lacey's Antique, Unique and Chic.

Julie's daughters help with cleaning, organizing and staging her treasures.  They'll be accompanying her to flea.o.logy, making it a family affair.  Julie is super excited to be a part of all the fun of both selling her wares and buying from the other dealers. 

Welcome to flea.o.logy, Julie. . . we hope you're contagious!

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