Monday, March 19, 2012

Just a bit of flattery is all we ask. . .

We have a request for you, our blog-watchers/fan club.  Flatter us.  Lay it on.  Thick if you like.  Or just a little.  Either way, let us know what you think of flea.o.logy.  Tell us you love us, or what you love about us.  (Actually, what you love about it.  The flea market, that is.) 

It's not that we've got big heads, really.  It's actually that my head isn't thinking very good.  I told Paula that my thinking cap isn't thinking very well. 

"Frankly, my dear, I love flea.o.logy more than you."

You see, flea.o.logy has been advertising in the New Century Collector, the Utah antiques newspaper you see in antique stores all over the place, for a while.  Dennis Barker is the nice guy who puts the paper together, and has always done a great job writing up flea.o.logy info for us.  So this time I thought I give him a break and come up with the complete ad myself.  Except my brain has been out on break.  And that's where you come in.  I need help coming up with a catchy phrase that we can put in our ad in the Collector!  (To be honest it doesn't have to be sheer flattery, just be honest - and concise - and tell us your thoughts!)

So -- fans -- let us know what you think!  In ten words or less, write up a comment that describes how you feel about flea.o.logy or tells about your experiences with us.  Or, if you're the wordy type, like me, use more than ten words and we'll pick out what we want to use from your entry.  Next Monday we will choose one of your replies to post in our ad in the Collector and that person will be declared the "lucky winner!" 

And what, precisely, does being declared the lucky winner mean, you ask?  Well, the lucky winner receives the copy of Flea Market Style magazine that we have in hand to give away to a "lucky" flea.o.logy customer!  (And, if by chance the lucky winner already has a copy of FMS, we will substitute a lovely & desirable prize of equal  - or greater or lesser  - value.) 

So have fun.  Remember all the good times you've had flea-ing with us.  And then find something sweet to say about flea.o.logy. . . .

"flea.o.logy is more fun than a bowl of kibble!"

So give us your best compliments.  We can take it.  We're tough.  

'Cause we're the flea.o.logists. . . .


(How to enter:  If you don't mind others seeing your entry, you can just post a reply to this blog post.  If you'd rather keep your entry super secret, e-mail it to me at  All entries due by Monday March 26th at 6:00 pm MDT.)

And BTW. . . thanks a bunch,

Cathie (along with Paula & Jenn)


  1. A merry trip to fleaology will NEVER require an apology!

  2. FLEA(ology) to our Market. We promise it will Pay(son)

  3. Once you step thru the gates at Flea-ology you are transported back in time that brings a smile to your face and treasures in your arms.