Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Flea.o.olgists at the ROCC Fall Boutique

Just now fully recovered from the Reclaimologists and Other Crafty Chicks (ROCC) boutique that I did the weekend before Halloween ... OK, I also had to recover from all the Halloween parties too!!
But I thought I would share with you what some flea.o.logists brought to the ROCC show ... it was tons of fun, something like a reunion, in fact. 

Jennine of Le Junk made these adorable shabby socks.

Rose was there too, with a selection of vintage goodies and also her hand crafted Jewelry!

I love these signs that Jenn of Fleattitude makes ... you might be able to catch some at her sale this weekend at the Rec Center in Pleasant Grove ... it should be a great show!
This cool collection of vintage items is from Larry of Picker's Paradise in Nephi.
Of course this is my booth, just going through my map and globe phase ... so fun AND colorful!
... and Nell, my co-flea.o.logist brought her license plate bracelets ... so cool!
Here is some of Miriam's display from Abode ... they are having an indoor and outdoor sale this Saturday too!!
... and I always love the vintage goodies that Angie of American Homemaker brings to sales.
... Angie is also a great crafter ... gotta love these funky Christmas balls ... she is hauling her pink trailer to Picker's Paradise this Saturday if you want to stop by and see more awesome stuff.
... and this is unmistakenly Jeff of Rusty Ranch ... you can catch his goodies at Treasures Antiques and at Carter's Glass in Springville!  He even bought the vintage colored bells from my crafters supply at Treasures.
I adore Shannon's owls ... too cute ... Shannon is actually the High Chief of ROCC ... she does a great job ... in fact if you are on Instagram we are doing a ROCC Instasale today ... just look up Reclaimologists and Other Crafty Chicks on Instagram and follow us!! Something Christmassy every 5 minutes all day!
This charming banner is also from Jennine  of Le Junk ... can you tell I adore here stuff?
And this great 50's appliance dolly is from Denise at Two Ol Crows and a Coot.  She will be selling at Abode this Saturday, so if you are in Salt Lake don't miss the chance to see her goodies.

These lovelies come from Kelli of Smelli Kelli on Etsy ... go and take a peek ... I wasn't able to leave the show without the cute doll head in a spoon in the dead center of this photo.
Alas, we all love junking ... another display by Jennine of Le Junk
... and here are the Chic Chicks all lined up and ready to shop ... note my friend Wendy, a former flea.o.logist who has turned to the shopping side of the junkers force... (don't judge her) she is closest to the yellow post on the left ....
Hope you got to come to our ROCC boutique, but if not, hope this peek gave you an idea of how much fun we all had.  See you in January at Olson's Garden Shoppe ... date TBA!!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Michelle, it was a lot of fun. Miss seeing you at these events anymore. Hope you are well!

  2. You captured the best of the best!

    1. Thanks Rose, it was great, as always to get to visit a bit.