Tuesday, June 19, 2012

$50 Shopping Spree Contest.

We now have four entries in our Flea.o.logy favorites contest to win a $50 shopping spree at the Flea.o.logy on July 14th!!  Way to go ladies.
 This picture was sent in by Angela Shepard.  She says: "I've found many good things at the flea.o.logy markets. My most favorite find though, was my 4 milk glasses. I just am in love with them. I can now only drink milk out of these sweet things! Take a look at all I found that day!"
We also heard from Kristen Jensen.  She said, "These are the chairs i bought and refinished from one of your flealogy sales."  She also bought the sweet wire basket under the table at 'F' because I sold it to her!!

Kristen and Angela each have two entries in our shopping spree contest.  One for sending a picture and one for the note that went along with it.  If they had posted on a blog and had sent us a link, they could have had three entries.

You can make a comment about your favorite find on any of the posts about the contest for 1 entry.

Do as Kristen and Angela did and send one of the Flea.o.logists a picture and note about your favorite for 2 entries.


You can email any one of us the link to your blog where you share your favorite flea.o.logy find and include a link to this blog for 3 entries into the contest.


  1. There was a darling pink desk at the last sale & I hated to leave it, but I had no where for it! I did find a vintage alligator hanger thing that now holds all of my necklaces!

    Daralyn Smith

  2. I bought a set of hand-painted Japanese salt and pepper shakers. I thought my grandchildren would enjoy them because they liketo play with wooden things, and stack items and swap items. THEY LOVE THEM! There were a set of 4 total, Mama & Papa and their little ones. They play with these items so much more than something "chinsey" like toys are nowdays. The joy that they find in using their imagination is priceless!
    Thanks for having such a great event! I can't wait until July 14 to see what other treasures I can find.

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