Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Queen of the Vintage Kitchen!

Before becoming a flea.o.logist, I had the wonderful opportunity to work in a vintage consignment shop in the Salt Lake area.  I learned oodles about what would sell and what wouldn't, about display and organization, and about the antiques themselves.  One of my favorite things about the job, though, was all the people I met.  I was able to make connections, and, more importantly - incredible friends, that I still have today and who have enriched my life immensely.  Two of those people are Paula and Jenn, whom I both met through the shop - Paula when she did a flea market there, and Jenn when she would come shop there.  Small world.

Another friend I made through the shop was Linda, a consignor there.  She would come in at least once a week, bringing new things and picking up things that hadn't sold.  And she would always have some stories to bend my ear with.  She made me feel like an old friend when we had just met.  That's a talent, you know. . . .

As I got to know Linda, I got to realize that she had a "thing" for kitchen stuff.  Great kitchen stuff.  Like Pyrex, and sifters, and egg beaters, and RED stuff.  Like all the stuff that I like.  She liked those little cookbook pamphlets.  And printed dish towels.  And vintage grocery store shelf price tags.  And on and on and on.  I knew I'd better never go to a yard sale with Linda.  We'd want all the same stuff, and someone would go home very unhappy.

Not the best picture, but one example of the
toy stoves that Linda loves. . . .

These kitchen antiques are a part of Linda's life.  Not just for show, they are there on her kitchen counter, where the grandkids can get into them.  She had a gorgeous drop-leaf formica table in the basement for those lucky kids to play on.  Jenn wanted to buy it from her. . . but, no sale.  It was destined to stay in the family. 

These photos were taken a month ago or so when Linda had a private sale and she invited me over to help lighten her load a bit.  Talk about knowing the right people!  Unfortunately I couldn't afford too much and so couldn't help her much that way, but I did have a ton of fun taking pictures.  And I did come away with a few things that have already sold, some Fire King fruit bowls with red rims that I'm keeping for myself, and a present for my sweet neighbor whose birthday is coming up.

Some of the goodies Linda had for sale that day!

I've tried and tried to woo Linda to be a dealer at flea.o.logy, but it's just not in the cards for her right now.  Wouldn't she be great?   Maybe someday.   She does share a booth with her daughter Carrie at Chic & Unique in Salt Lake, so you could pick up some of her wonderful items there.  I just count myself lucky to be her friend.  Hope you've enjoyed this little peek into her home.

~ c a T h i E

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  1. Yes, Linda (who just happens to be my mom) does have a "thing" for vintage kitchen items. The kitchen toy stove is one of my 5 year old's favorite things to play with at grandma's house! For every item there are stories to be told. We love it. Thanks for featuring my mom :)