Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fleaologists Spotted at the Acorn Antique show in Ogden.

Here we are back and recovering  from the Acorn Antique Show in Ogden last weekend with pictures and stories to tell. 

This is a view of my booth at the show.  You see our 'Girl Reporter' who didn't sell at the last flea.o.logy sale, and I thought  those of you who were concerned about her homeless state might like to know that another antique dealer at the show found her too charming to pass up and she is currently residing in his care.
Here are a couple of other views of my booth at the show, including our flea.o.logy sign.  We passed out fliers to invite the folks in Weber Country to our next flea.o.logy on July 16th.

Here we see Cathie, anotherof our fleaologists posed in her booth at the antique show.

Of course its always fun to wander at this antique show.  There are a lot of really fun and creative dealers.  This mannequin was a display in Carmen Miranda's booth.  Carmen specializes in amazing jewelry and her displays are always fun and funky as one would expect given her namesake.

Next we see me with a couple from Eden ... or was it Pleasantville?  Whichever it was their displays were wonderfully retro, and perfectly creative. As you can see they are charming as well.

Here is a peek at another great booth.  This lady is from the Pacific North West, and she always brings items from estates she is selling.  This one was as amazing as those she has brought in the past. Besides the pictures and head vases she brought linens, kitchen implements, children's aluminum cookware, jewelry, celluloid, books and antique photos.  Everything is piled deep and invites one to dig in and search. Ican't wait to see what she will be bringing to the next Acorn Show.

And last of all I would like to introduce you to another favorite dealer, Joane as shows us her booth.  Joane hails from Nebraska and has lots and lots of goodies for really wonderful prices.  If you have a chance to come north to the Acorn Show next November you will have a chance to meet her as well. Just don't forget that the next flea.o.logy sale will be in Payson on July 16th. 

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