Monday, May 9, 2011

What a jewel of a sale!

What do you come to flea markets for? 

Linens. . . glassware. . . primitives. . . "guy" stuff. . . jewelry?  If it's the latter, you were in luck at our flea.o.logy sale on Saturday.  Jewelry was in rich supply, from "junk" jewelry to repurposed jewelry to craft jewelry to just plain old jewelry.  Take a look here at a sampling of what was available at our sale, and what you might see at our sales in July and September. . . .

See you July 16th when you can pick up
something sweet to accessorize your apparel!


  1. It was a great flea market Cathie ~ so nice to see you there! ~Stacy~

  2. Great Post Cathie!! Love the pictures!!

  3. Would love to be a part of your market...don't see a way to contact you.
    could you contact me at

    My dad is from payson, I remember that home very well! Did it happen to be in the eckersley family? If so my aunt carolyn could have lived there.