Sunday, May 8, 2011

Time to Thank Our Great Shoppers!!

 So if Monday is Laundry day and Tuesday is baking day ... then Saturday is definitely flea.o.logy Day!! Making it time to thank all of our wonderful flea.o.logy shoppers for making Saturday May 7th a record breaking sales day for our original and hard working vendors.

 We welcomed returning shoppers from years past, and made new friends as well.  The day was sunny and comfy in the shade of the huge trees that populate the yard of this 117 year old red sandstone manor house that has been hosting flea markets since 2005!

You can see pictured here all kinds of treasures that were to be found today at our flea.  This mannequin is one of 5 full size forms that were available at the market, three of them are resting in new homes even as we speak.
 Here we see some of the artist created jewelry that was available at the sale.

 And here is a charming wicker 40's, so deco, doll carriage that is no doubt bumping its rubber baby buggy bumpers in its new home even as we speak!!

It is so charming that it got a lot of attention before it got its new home in Genola, Utah, where it will undoubtedly be filled with adorable vintage dolls.

 Here are some more of the offerings of a couple of our crafty vendors.  The funky blue tray on the right sports sweet bottle cap magnets, that are surprisingly affordable.  On The left we see a basket of vintage fabric
and a wonderful hand crafted event crown similar to the one I will be sporting at my birthday party ... I can't wait!!

And of course what flea market would be complete with out a few 'over the top' vintage fun and funky collection necklaces.  The one I bought from this artist last year gets me more attention than any other piece of jewelry I own ... and I promise you I own a lot of fun and funky jewelry!!

 This little lady was unfortunately left behind at the sale.  The portrait was done in the 1940's in the Pacific North West where this charming debutante labored away as a girl reporter.  Hmmm, I wonder if her name was Lois Lane?  She is certainly sufficiently charming to have warmed the heart of the man of steel!!

Another left over from the sale is this charming cupboard, built on a mid 1800's base (as evidenced by square nail construction).  If you want to know more about this great cupboard, I will be writing about it's reinvention on my blog sometime in the next few days.

If you think you may have a home for it, it will soon be available at Treasures Antiques in Springville, Utah.
 Just look at our amazing shoppers as they discover great items that will enrich thier lives for many years to come.
And last of all I wanted to mention that a local service organization, 'We Can' put their baking and cooking skills together and put on the most successful bake sale I have ever seen.  They are earning money to provide hearing aids for an individual in our community who would not otherwise be able to have them. These sweet mother's day candies were just one of several hot sellers.  There was some homemade salsa that was the best I have ever had.  These amazing ladies are planning a return trip on July 16th when we are having our next installment.  You won't miss it!!


  1. Paula ~ the flea market was so amazing! I'm so glad that I made the trip down for it. What a lot of great stuff! I came away with so many cute things! I looked at the painting of that lady, it was gorgeous and I almost purchased it. Now I'm regretting it, who does it belong to? Let me know! Thanks again for a wonderful day! ~Stacy~ xo

  2. Fun day. Fun people. Fun things.
    Thank you for sharing your house... and corner.