Monday, July 23, 2012

flea.o.logy in pictures. . .

Saturday's flea.o.logy was simply extraordinary! 

                       Swarms of customers in the gate at 8. 

                                           Happy customers out the gate with flea market treasures.

And since I'm better with pictures than with words, here are some pics of the amazing flea . . .


                                                                          See any treasures here that you took home?       

                                           What treasures did you take home?  


Share your flea.o.logy experience with us in a comment or email!                                          


I'll be back later this week with more visual goodies. . . .



  1. This was my first time at Fleaology. Kathy was my favorite vendor! She had encylopedia pages, vintage children blocks, water spicket pulls, and a old rusty plaque that I bought from her.. Every vendor there was so pleasant and nice. I can't wait for Sept 1st.

  2. This was also my first Fleaology experience and I absolutely loved it! I found a really cool old door, cupboard, and table that I plan on refinishing. I'll send picutes as soon as the projects are complete! Looking forward to September!