Friday, July 13, 2012

have you been praying for rain?

gee, thanks. . .

well. . . now flea.o.logy has to

take a rain-check

n e w   d a t e :

s a t u r d a y   j u l y   2 1 s t

8 : 0 0   -   4 : 0 0

2 1 8   n .   m a i n   s t .

p a y s o n

We will still have 30-plus dealers who
have been out gathering even more
vintage & antique goodies
& getting them ready
for YOU!

(However, the Scottish Festival will be over,
and their kilts & tams will be drenched.)

s e e   y o u   n e x t   w e e k


  1. Good thing I read this...I was planning on coming down! xo

  2. You sure didn't need another cold and rainy pickin' day! Yuck!

  3. MAN!!!! Did NOT see this....already drivin down from north sl..... Woke kids up SUPER EARLY because I found such GREAT STUFF in may.....BUMMER, anyone know of any flea markets in springville since we're down here?!? Saturday fail!

  4. Everybody and their dog ended up at the Treasures Antique Mall in was super busy there. The Scottish Festival was fun, but we kept wandering around trying to find Fleaology until I went online on my phone to find out it was cancelled. Bummer! It was the first time the Fleaology fell on a weekend I could go.

  5. Oh my. . . we are SO sorry to those of you who didn't get the message that we rescheduled! It was a super tough decision for us to make, as we really hate to inconvenience you, our wonderful customers. We hope you will come back next week, when we'll have another week's worth of amazing "junk" collected for you! hugs, caThiE

  6. YAY! Cause I wasn't able to make it yesterday. See you next Saturday then!