Sunday, July 8, 2012

More Favorite Fleaology Finds!

We would like to thanks Lavern for her double entry in our contest to win the $50 gift certificate for the next flea.o.logy sale.  Lavern said   " I have been redoing my Bedroom with the antique furniture I bought at treasures. I wanted the room to all be old fashioned. We had some old family photos that needed frames. I found these oval frames at fleaolgy, just perfect. Also, I found the shadow box to use for some collectibles that I had for my bathroom. Some of the collectibles came from fleaology as well. You never know what you may find, always a fun treasure hunt!" 

Lavern sent pictures and the above comment to me at to be included in our contest.  Remember the deadline in this Wednesday Night!  We will post the winner on Thursday so be sure to check out the blog.

Want to enter?

Here's the deal:

    You can earn one, two or three entries toward the drawing for the $50 shopping certificate.
  • For one (1) entry, tell us in words, and send it to our email(s) or comment here on our blog.
  • For two (2) entries, tell us in words and with pictures, and send it to our email(s).
  • For three (3) entries, blog about it (with your pictures), and post your blog address here in a comment for all to enjoy (or send us your blog addy to our email(s)).
  • And then, the Wednesday before the flea.o.logy sale (July 11th) we will be drawing from among all of you who told us about your favorite flea.o.logy finds. . .
. . . for the $50 shopping certificate
to the July 14th flea.o.logy!

(And at flea.o.logy, $50 goes a long way. . . . . . )

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  1. I've also emailed, but only to Jennifer(I couldn't find anyone else's contact info). I thought I'd also comment, just to make sure my entries don't get overlooked. Here's where I blogged about fleaology: