Monday, August 13, 2012

Ooh, how we flea.o.logists LOVE flea markets!

I took a little spin around Salt Lake City's Urban Flea Market yesterday, along with fellow flea.o.logy dealer and ultra-good-buddy Steffi.  Jenn was planning to make it a threesome with us but had to bow out due to a killer headache - bummer. 

Oh my. . . what fun we had!

The Urban Flea Market had a bunch of dealers selling a wide variety of goods,
from antiques to jewelry to posters to clothing to newer items to furniture
to hand-crafted goods to toys to primitives to "oooh, I gotta have that!"

I came home with some vintage jars to store my goodies in,
a charming, brightly-colored feedsack, some vintage kitchen
utensils, a wooden shoe form for Jenn, a set of four
kitchen canisters for a ridiculously low price,
and a near-perfect-condition Coleman
folding camp table w/4 camp stools.


Silly me.

I always focus my camera on things,

and missed getting a picture of Steffi with her

"new" gold lame skirt that's totally her

She's gonna look wicked in it.

    I guess you'll just have to ask her to wear it at flea.o.logy on September 1st. . . .

This picture (above) is from Holly's booth, who we signed up
 to be a new dealer at flea.o.logy!

She's completely excited to be a "flea" with us, and she'll be a great fit.
Be sure to check out her booth on the 1st!

While at the Urban Flea Market Steffi and I spoke with several other dealers
who are thinking about joining flea.o.logy after they check out the sale. 
Hope they will join us in the future. . . .

The Urban Flea Market had everything from

What a great flea market!

Be sure to check it out sometime. . . .

Two more are scheduled for this year, on

Sunday September 9th &

Sunday October 14th

We promise you'll be a

after finding some treasures here!

                                                                                                                  ~ c a T h i E

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  1. Great post! I would love to come down and check out your market!