Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The 3 Musketeers. . . quiz alert!

. . . er, make that "The 3 flea.o.logists"

And the answers are. . .

. . . since, after all, it is just

days until the big event!

In honor of the "big flea" being 3 days away,
we've come up with a little quiz for you.

This time, we're going to see 
how well you know your flea.o.logists.

To get you started, look at the top photo.
We are, left to right, 
Paula, Cathie & Jenn.
You'll need our names for the quiz,
even if all you do is guess.

When you are finished,
email your answers to me @

Now, here's the fun part
(and you thought the quiz was the fun part!)

The person with the 
most correct answers 
wins a

$10 flea.o.logy Shopping Certificate!

     wowsa. . . .

Here goes. . . 
and good luck!

Part 1

In the following items, each group of three has all three of us represented.  You decide which of us in each group of three goes with the choices given to you.  For instance, if the category for letter "M" was "favorite pizza," and the choices were 1. Hawaiian, 2. All veggie, all the time, and 3. Anything but fish - you would email me the following response:

M1: Cathie
M2: Jenn
M3: Paula
And you would be absolutely correct!!


A.  Favorite ice cream:
  1. Anything with caramel in it - Paula
  2. Chocolate- Cathie
  3. Coffee - Jenn

B.  Favorite number:
  1. 3- Jenn
  2. 13 - Cathie
  3. 17 - Paula

C.  Favorite Season:
  1. fall - Jenn
  2. fall - Cathie
  3. not winter - Paula

D.  Birthplace:
  1. Royal Oak, Michigan - Cathie
  2. Salt Lake City, Utah - Paula
  3. Salt Lake City, Utah - Jenn

E.  Last book read:
  1. Slammed by Colleen Hoover - Jenn
  2. Death Comes to Pemberly by PD James - Paula
  3. I Brake for Yard Sales by Lara Spencer - Cathie

F.  Favorite TV show:
  1. 24 - Jenn
  2. Castle - Cathie
  3. Downton Abbey - Paula

G.  Favorite food:
  1. Buttermilk - Paula
  2. Pasta - Jenn
  3. Raspberries - Cathie

H.  Favorite restaurant:
  1. Cafe Rio - Paula
  2. Cafe Rio - Cathie
  3. Milagros - Jenn

I.  Spouse's occupation:
  1. Chemist - Cathie
  2. Grocer - Paula
  3. Set designer/technical director - Jenn

J.  Something funny:
  1. I'm constantly losing things.  Just a few days ago I paid one of my kids a $5 finder's fee because they found my eyeglasses that had been missing for weeks! - Cathie
  2. My personality, I love to joke with people! - Jenn
  3. I had a chance to go on a date with Merrill Osmond. . . and turned it down. - Paula

Pencils down.

Part 2

In the following items, identify if it's Paula, Jenn or Cathie. . . .

Look at the items below and assign each one a flea.o.logist.  For instance, if the item was:
A.  "I lived in South Africa."  You would write "Cathie" for letter "A" in the email you'd be sending back to me.  And you'd be correct!!


1.  My nickname is Sparkle. - Paula

2.  When I was in college, my roommates and I dressed up as Batman and Robin and went to the local grocery store to see the real Robin.  He wasn't amused. - Cathie

3.  I have 2 dogs, 3 cats, a rabbit and a horse, which is why you're apt to find pet hair on most antiques you buy from me. - Cathie

4.  I stood behind Matt Damon in an airport.  He is short! - Jenn

5.  I met my husband at a college dance; we were engaged 11 days later. - Paula

Pencils down.

Good job.

All entries due by Friday night,
when the winner will be announced.

And the winner is. . . . .

Megan K.!!


Have fun spending your $10 at flea.o.logy. . .

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