Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ten days to go 'til the best little flea market in Utah!

Yup, that's right.  Just ten more days.  Almost time to grab your BFF and drive the jalopy down to Payson.

So, in honor of the ten-day mark, we bring you the. . .

flea.o.logy Top Ten List!

Today's topic is:

Top ten interesting facts 
about flea.o.logy dealers.

Our dealers are an interesting, unique, 
 and varied group of individuals.

Each one brings something different to our sales.

Each one contributes in his/her personal way.

And, each one has characteristics which, um, 

could politely be called

w  e  i  r  d  .

So, bring on the flea.o.logy Top Ten list of interesting (or just plain odd) 
facts about our dealers. . .


  I graduated from the U of U at the age of 32 while pregnant with my 8th child.


When I am REALLY stressed out, I get in my car and drive to the nearest thrift store... the thrill of the hunt calms me down even if I don't find a treasure.


I am obsessed with animal hats.


 I worked with alcoholics and drug addicts at the jail for 20 years.


I'm a professional photographer.  I got my bachelor's degree in photography.       


We have two sheds and a three-car garage that will barely fit two small vehicles.  My husband says you have to hold your breath in the garage because there is no room for air because of the junk!


  I was so painfully shy as a child that when adults would even just look at me I would start crying.


  I've eaten fish lip soup.


 When we were looking at houses to buy three years ago, this was our story:

DH said, "I found us a house with a five-car garage."  I said, "How many bedrooms?"  DH said, "three."  I said, "we are not buying a house for the garage, we are buying a house for a home."  We looked at it anyway because we liked some of the pictures they had to view.

I fell in love with it. . . the porch I always wanted and open windows in the kitchen and so on.  How interesting that a year later, my business evolves around the garage and the whole top loft above the garage is my display and work area.  Wow!  I never would have guessed four years ago when we were married that I would be involved in flea.o.logy.  

Our five-car-garage home was truly meant to be. . . .


I've received notices from the city – not once, but twice – to remove the “junk” from the front of our house.  Quite frankly I’m not sure what their problem with it is. . . .

Oh, how we love our flea.o.logy dealers!

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  1. So fun and funny ... I have both those pictures saved, (from Graphics Fairy ) Guess we have similiar tastes in pictures too!!