Thursday, January 5, 2012

Oh, Happy Day!

One of my favorite quotes from Pooh Bear is "Oh, happy day. . .".  In my old middle age I can't remember which story it's from or in what context he uses it. . . but ever since I heard it it's become one of my own favorite sayings, just perfect for those moments which are ever so delightful or for those events which exceed their anticipated glory.  This morning was one of them. . . when I discovered a boatload of delightful stuff that will be just right for bringing to flea.o.logy in a few weeks.  Good junk at the flea market is fun. . . but fresh good junk at the flea market is even better! 

And I use the term "junk" loosely here. . . keeping in mind that I kinda like being known as a "junker," but still wanting to let it be known that the stuff I "junk" isn't necessarily "junk."  Now, some of it could very well qualify.  But some of it actually quite nice stuff that is only "junk" because it has been "junked" as a method of collection. . . in any case today was, by any and all standards, a very happy day for a junker!

So here's a little preview of a few things I'll be bringing to flea.o.logy on January 21st.  And this, mind you, is just round one.  I still have a few more tubs to go through and photograph. 

Oh, happy day!       

Why is it when this pitcher obviously cost $2.95. . .

. . . I ended up paying $8.00?

And why is it I never notice the cracks until I get home?

I guess this one's for keeping.  It'll make a nice receipt catcher, don't you think?

Notice a trend here?  Yup, it's my good friend McCoy.  That bottom one's for my own collection.  The rest will make it to the sale.  Unless my collection calls to them first.  If any are calling to you, you'd better let me know. 


"See" you again in a few days with more "junk." 
And I really hope to see you on the 21st. 

In Payson. 


With junk.

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