Thursday, January 26, 2012

More flea.o.logy fun. . .

We so love hearing all the wonderful comments about our flea.o.logy sale last Saturday!  It's incredibly satisfying to do something you love - put on a vintage flea market - and then it's just a sweet cherry on top to hear about how people were so completely overjoyed to come to it!  A thousand thanks for your kind words here and on your blogs and in person on Saturday. 

We sure hope that means we'll see you again at our next sales at Paula's house on Main Street in Payson. . . mark your calendars for May 5th, July 14th, and September 1st! 

In the meantime, here's a few more pics of our indoor flea at Olson's. . . .

Do you love flea.o.logy? 

Let us know!


  1. I had so much fun at fleaology and I got some real treasures! When is the next one?!

  2. Next flea.o.logy will be Saturday May 5th at our usual location in Paula's yard at 218 N. Main in Payson. See you then!!

  3. I was so sad that I was sick and missed it. I missed selling...and especially shopping.

    1. And we missed seeing you Michelle, hopefully in May ...