Thursday, April 14, 2011

Come and Meet Bruce, a Man of Many Tastes!!

 Today I would like to introduce you all to Bruce.  Bruce is another long time antique collector and dealer.  Bruce is very friendly and therefore has very friendly prices.  Bruce uses our Flea Market to keep his merchandise moving.  He buys at lot of stuff at auction and estate sales in the old south, so he has items most Utah dealers don't.    These pictures were taken at Treasures Antiques where his booths are always stuffed with fresh merchandise.  There is always something new to look at.

These great antique painted chairs are a good example of his friendly pricing.  They are $30 each, and that is at the Antique Mall, wait until you see how he prices things at 'flea.o.logy'!!

Here we see a small grouping of Japanese glass fishing buoys.  Typically hard to find, but he does find them somewhere!!  He has an amazing instinct for the business, and its worth visiting his booth at the Antique Mall or at the Flea Market, but his prices  at the Flea Market will wow you!!
 Bruce has a wide range of items for sale.  He does shabby chic, china, books, Victorian items, and loves unusual and rare pieces.  He prices to sell, so there are always new things to look at.  Don't miss a chance to shop his treasures at our sale on April 30th.

I thought that this vignette was a good example of the variety of items he carries.  This grouping shows, ephemera, Victorian, cutsie, vintage, Mid Century Modern and kitsch!  Pretty much something for everyone, including you!!

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  1. Bruce is just the NICEST guy ever! I really enjoyed working with him at the Walter Larsen show...and I just LOVE his booth at Treasures!