Saturday, April 16, 2011

Welcome Back to The Clever Craftsman, Mike!

Mike is a clever craftsman, so its not surprising that this is the name that he has chosen for himself in his hobby area of repurposing, refinishing and re-enabling furniture items.

On Mike's blog he explains it this way, 

 "One of the things that I enjoy most is coming across something that others see as being worthless and destined for the donation and/or garbage pile. Visualizing in my head and knowing exactly what its potential is I take it, re-purpose or refurbish it and MOST of the time that trash item becomes a treasure....either for me or for someone that purchases it. "


 These two green chairs, (above and to the right) as well as the green one with the blue and purple floral seat were all items that sold last year at our flea market.

Mikes items are always popular with our customers, who love the bright and cheerful color schemes that he chooses.

The white headboard above, as well as the green chair to the left are things that Mike has prepared for our sale in two weeks.

The red buffet is also coming for the sale, don't miss a chance to bring something bright, and fun home to cheer your entire household.

If you would like to visit Mike's blog and find out more about him and his unusual style, you may by going to:

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