Sunday, April 17, 2011

Our First Flea.o.logy Sale of the Year is in less than 2 Weeks!!

 Just 12 days if you don't count today.  I for one am very, very excited.   I have been busy, busy, busy ... let me share some of the items that got new paint yesterday.

This is a set of mid-century modern chests.  They are probably English, but definitely European.  I bought them ten years ago from a dealer who brings in containers from Europe.  I prefer the European approach to mid-century, and find these charming. 

They have actually been a part of my household these past many years, but now they are ready to come and live at your house!  They would be perfect for a child or baby's room.

  Here is a bit of detail of the styling of the dresser.  The horizontal line design on the top drawer matches that of the top drawer of the tall chest.
Here we see the top drawer of the tall chest with its horizontal design.  The handles are replacements and are cast iron flowers. 
This fun chest is made from reclaimed wood, probably during the depression.  I never cease to be amazed at the evidence of the creative abilities individuals found in themselves when times were tough.

I will never forget the cupboard I found at a garage sale that had been framed from 1 by 2's and then the panels were filled in by a dense cardboard.  Well, I guess it filled the need of the times, and was a great testimonial to the creativity of people in a tight place.

This is the interior of the chest.  I think it is possible that it was originally an egg box, that had extra slats added to enclose it.  What ever it is, it is sturdy, clean and has a lot of practical function left for its new owner.
This is an old record cabinet, perfect for anyone seeking a bit of extra space for storage.  A great hidy hole for stacks and stacks of diapers and other baby supplies.  Or add it to your kitchen as a mini pantry!  Everyone needs storage space, right?

This is actually an English, or at least European cabinet.  I am not sure of its original function, but it is charming with its replaced crystal knob and would make a great night stand or side table.

All of these items will be for sale at our first fleo.o.logy sale and are surprisingly affordable.  The sale is on Saturday, April 30th.  We have 13 vendors signed on, with all kinds of antiques and collectibles.  There will be home made goodies for sale, as well as fun crafts that would make fabulous (Mom will never forget you took the time to find this for her) Mother's day gifts.  We open at 8:00 A.M. sharp at 218 N. Main Street in Payson.  Definitely worth the drive to spend a charming day 'junquing' in the shady yard of a historic home.

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  1. Wow, you HAVE been busy Paula! Everything looks wonderful!