Saturday, April 23, 2011

Judy's Miles and Miles of Collectibles ....

Yep, I may be actually exaggerating here, but just a bit.  Judy is our amazing picker!  She certainly has a knack for finding and gathering antique and vintage treasures.  She has enough tables to hold a banquet for a small town, and the storage space available to gather all kinds of fun and funky stuff.  She often has rusty, rustic and farm goods too. She keeps at it year round, and you will be amazed to see what she can amass over the winter months!!
These pictures are from a previous year's flea market, but virtually all you see in both of them was gathered, cleaned, repaired and shared by our good friend Judy.  We love it.  Judy's supportive husband James hauls in pickup load after pick up load the night before our sales, and the two of them are often still setting up six hours later.

Set up times at our sales is a blast.  Imagine, as our extended logo expresses, like minded lovers of all things pre-loved, gathered together sharing. We visit back and forth and compare our great finds.  Neighbors sometimes drop by to say hi, and to sneak a peek over the fence, only to be reminded that we don't sell until 8:00 A.M. as we want each and every one of our valued customers to have a chance at first pick.

Its pretty much impossible to distinguish items in these pictures, but believe me, by the end of our sales, there are a lot of emptied tables, and fun vintage items and collectibles that have found a new home.

Come see us on April 30th at 8:00 A.M. for the flea.o.logy flea market.  We are congregating at 218 N. Main in Payson.  A quick 40 minute drive from Sandy, and worth the travel time.  Come once, and you will definitely want to add our other dates to your calendar! (Saturday July 16th and September 2nd and 3rd, for our first 2 day sale during Payson's Onion's day celebration on Labor Day weekend.  That way you can stop by and find treasures on your way to the carnival at the park a half mile further up Main Street!!)

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