Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Jewelry, Jewelry Everywhere ... Thanks to Garna!

Garna is a junque jewelry dealer and proud of it.  She has hundreds and hundreds of jewelry items.  Garna did our flea market last year a couple of times, and our customers LOVED her.  She has lots of necklaces and bracelets in the $1 category.  She is also a dealer at the antique mall where I work, and sometimes if I can't find jewelry that goes with my outfit for the day, I stop by her booth to find something that works!  She is a great resource.  Most of the items she sells are wearable.

However, she also sells the crafter's dream.  She has junque bags that are very affordable, often including broken necklaces, orphan earrings, charms, chains, beads, broaches that are missing a single rhinestone or bracelets with broken clasps.  Great stuff, and CHEAP!!  We have a lot of crafters that swamp her table at our sales, and you may become one of them, and she has plenty for all.  Be sure to stop by and see!!

Besides the great and inexpensive jewelry that Garna sells, we will also have several crafters who make fun, sparkly, elegant, crafty and funky jewelry at our sale.  So basically if you love jewelry, and the more unusual the better, then you will likely find a treasure at the flea.o.logy flea market in Payson on April 30th!!

We will look forward to seeing your there!!

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