Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Divas of Design or Queens of Kitsch

The flea market on Main Street in Payson has developed quite a following, as has been mentioned.  New vendors have signed on to try their hand.  Friendships have been formed and personal style has been influenced by the relationships among the sellers at this Flea Market.

We have seen vendors come and go.  Some leaving the retail end of antiquing, while others have gotten their start with us.  We have long time antique dealers who are seeking new venues, and extremely part time enthusiasts.

Jennifer and Cathie both joined us in doing the Flea Market last summer, in 2010.  They have great stuff, sharing vintage items along with some wonderful crafts thrown into the mix.  It was Jennifer who suggested that we might 'ramp up' our market,  including more variety, crafted items and providing delicious treats for those who are so inclined, and honestly who is not? 

Thus, during our vendor hibernation this winter 'flea.o.logy' was born. We will continue to maintain an area for those who like to 'discover' their treasures in the 'raw', while adding an area that includes repaired, painted, collected and crafted item.  We want our flea.o.logy market to continue to excite our many loyal customers, as well as have it grow to include new friends and lovers of all that is wonderful and vintage.  In short there will be something for everyone!!

So here we are the flea.o.logy few and where else would you find the three of us gathered ...
I am Paula, Jenn is in the middle and Cathie is to the right.  You are also welcome to take a peek at our personal blogs, which shows some of our history and a lot of our style. These are listed on the right hand side of our blog page.

Look for future blogs about each of us and our specialties.  We will also feature other vendors who are signed on to find and/or create those wonderful additions to your life for which you are ever searching.  We will even have a few 'sneak previews' of items that will be available at our first market this year on April 30th at 218 N Main in Payson, Utah.  Our sales always start at exactly 8:00 A.M.

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  1. GREAT job on the new blog ladies! Looking forward to participating is what is destined to be the BEST flea season yet!!

    Honored to be a part of it...