Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tired of the Fu Fu? Something For You - Darryl!!

So for all those of you who have been suffering through all the girly stuff, there's hope.  We do have several guy vendors who bring their manly stuff, but none is more manly than Darryl.

Darryl is a serious believer in automotive stuff.  Count on him to have some license plates in tow.  He also favors old bikes and has sold several in the past!

Darryl is a long time antique dealer and collector.  He lives here in Payson along with many other people who love and collect antiques.

He has also been involved in our local Auction House. 

He also sells at Treasures Antiques, in the North Building, and I have selected a few of the items in his booth there to show you what kinds of things he likes and typically brings to our sales.

 Of course what collection of guy stuff would be complete without some buckets of rusty stuff?

Darryl is good at collecting bits and pieces, here we see some great old door knobs, the kinds we are always looking for to do crafts, but which would also be good for restoration work.
And probably the thing that men like most about Darryl's cool stuff is his enameled signs.  He almost always brings one or two to our Flea Market.   He is also likely to bring an assortment of oil cans and other old gas station memorabilia.  Be sure to come and see what he has to offer at our sale on April 30th!

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  1. Ooh, I just love rusty stuff AND enamel! Can't wait to see what he brings. . .